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Clinton Boutelle

What would be your dream golf course to play? What is the best course you have played thus far in your career?
"My dream course to play would be Augusta National and I have played a ton of neat courses but one recently would be The Golf Club at Scottsdale. It was amazing and I hope to play it again."

What is the best and worst part about playing on the road?
"The best part is the warm weather, hanging with the boys (team and Coach Jensen) and getting to play a game that you love all over the country. The worst would be all of the make-up work because sometimes it gets pretty stressful."

What is something that you know about your hometown of Cody, Wyoming that nobody else knows?
"There is nothing special that no one else knows, but there are some cool places up in the mountains that only Cody people probably know of."

There are two guys from Cody on the golf team (you and Gabe Maier) and one on the basketball team (Adam Waddell)...what is it like having three guys from your hometown all playing at UW and playing so well?
"It's great to see success from the same little town. Cody is a great place to grow up and the support you get up there is tremendous."

Of you three, who would you guess spent the most time in detention at Cody High School?
"None of us, we were all perfect students."

What is the one thing you must have to make it through a long 36-hole day at a tournament? What is your favorite thing to do after that long day?
"The thing I cannot play without is food. Spending all day in the sun walking with clubs is hard, so food is important to keep up your energy and focus. My favorite thing to do is take my golf shoes off and sleep."

Have you ever been late to the bus and kept your teammates waiting? If so, why?
"Haha, um actually before our tournament at Talking Stick I didn't check my email for when we were leaving so as I was getting ready I got a call that I was late. I will spare the details, but Coach Jensen was not pleased. Hopefully it never happens again."

Who on the team has the longest drive? Who can hit it the furthest "Happy Gilmore" style?
"Phil Henzlik hits the deep ball on our team and it is pretty hard to keep up with him (he will like reading this). As for Happy Gilmore who knows, but it would be hilarious to watch."

What are the top three Internet sites that you visit?

Tell us about your hockey career in high school.
"I played every year in high school except my junior year. It's an awesome sport and I wish I could still play competitively."

If you had the chance to play on an NHL hockey team, what team would it be?
"The Washington Capitals so I could hang out with Alexander Ovechkin."

What is the best golf movie of all time?
"The Legend of Bagger Vance"

Who on your team can knock down the most Panda Express at DIA before a flight?
"Tough question...I think Gabe Maier likes it more but Phil Henzlik is the smallest kid and can eat twice as much as anyone else if he wants to."

If you had one super-power what would it be?
"I would be able to fly."

If you could play 18 holes with one golfer who would it be?
"Tiger Woods because he is the best in the world. Imagine what you could learn."

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