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Ticket Policies and Procedures



In order to qualify for season ticket purchases, several sections in War Memorial Stadium require a minimum donation to the annual athletic scholarship fund, the Cowboy Joe Club. University of Wyoming Athletics, however, currently honors grandfathered accounts in War Memorial Stadium. Account holders are grandfathered from the donation requirements at the time of original purchase of season tickets in War Memorial Stadium. If no donation requirements were in place at time of purchase, account holders are not responsible for any donation requirement. If the UW Athletics Ticket Office records indicate your season tickets were purchased prior to 2008, and you have not moved locations since the time of purchase, your seats are "grandfathered." Grandfathered accounts may be subject to increases in season ticket costs or transaction fees. Grandfathering status ceases with the death of the season ticket holder and spouse.

Grandfathered status will be forfeited if tickets are renewed AFTER the April 29th deadline.

Grandfathered status will also be forfeited if one of the following occurs:

  • Transfer of tickets/seat locations to another account
  • Change the person on the account
  • Change of seat location on account


    Q: My tickets are grandfathered but I need to buy more seats?
    A: You may purchase more seats on your account, however, new seats will be subject to the annual donation requirement in that section. Your original seat locations will remain grandfathered as long as the seat locations are not moved/changed.

    Q: My parents have held tickets in War Memorial Stadium and have passed away. Do my seats remain grandfathered?
    A: We allow family/next of kin the first right to purchase the seat locations in your family's account. However, the new account holder will be subject to the annual donation requirements in that section.

    Q: There are some aisle seats available in my section and I would like to move to those seats. My seats are grandfathered, can I still move?
    A: If you move your grandfathered seat location you will be subject to the annual donation requirements in place in that section.

    Ticket Policy on Fees and Taxes

    The price of each single game ticket purchased for UW Athletic Events includes both taxes and fees. Fees help cover the expenses such as printing, postage, and credit card processing while taxes are deducted from the ticket cost. To get a full break down of the ticket prices, please click here.

    Ticket Policy on Refunds/Exchanges

    The ticket office does not offer any refunds or exchanges after purchase. By making a purchase of tickets, you are agreeing to these terms.

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