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Mission Statement and Core Values


The mission of the University of Wyoming Department of Intercollegiate Athletics is to provide an environment in which student-athletes complete their undergraduate college education and achieve athletics success at the highest possible level. As Wyoming's only four-year University, we are committed to offering a first-class competitive athletics program at the NCAA Division IA level that promotes the values of the state and assists in carrying out the overall University of Wyoming mission.


  • We must maintain a proper balance between academics and athletics.
  • We support the student-athlete as a whole person - academically, athletically, in career development, community service, and related to personal well being. We believe college athletics develops discipline, character, and teamwork...all necessary ingredients for individual leadership and achievement.
  • Our student-athletes, coaches, and staff must uphold a sense of character, honesty, and integrity as they serve as University and state ambassadors on a local, regional, and national level.
  • We believe we can achieve athletic success on a regional and national level. We must accomplish this without compromising any of our other core values.
  • We believe long-term athletic success increases exposure for the University's academic and research mission and provides regional and national exposure for the state of Wyoming across the United States.
  • We must operate in a fiscally sound manner. We strive to balance state, university, and self-generated resources to create a competitive and appropriate budget.
  • We believe first-class facilities are an important part of our ability to compete at the highest level. We are committed to building and renovating the facilities necessary to be successful as well as maintaining the great facilities we already have.
  • We are committed to recruiting Wyoming students prepared for Division IA competition.
  • We are committed to being a positive campus partner. We will strive to strengthen and build relationships with students, faculty, administrators, and staff from other areas of campus.
  • We are committed to being a positive city, county, and state partner. We strive to strengthen and build relationships with the Laramie City Council and the Laramie City operating departments, Albany County government, The Wyoming Legislature, and Wyoming state elected officials and state agencies.
  • We believe in empowering individuals (student-athletes, coaches, and staff) to make decisions that will lead to their success. With that privilege comes responsibility and accountability.
  • We are committed to excellence in customer service. Every UW alumnus, ticket holder, fan, or contributor must be treated with the utmost respect. We strive to communicate openly and honestly with every constituent.
  • We will promote good sportsmanship in all athletic endeavors.
  • We are committed to fair and equitable treatment of student-athletes and staff. We will maintain an environment that promotes gender equity and embraces diversity.
  • Our work environment will be positive, enjoyable, and family friendly.

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