Cowgirl Countdown: 3 Days - Dani Westfall

The final three days prior to the 2016 season are here. Only three more days! Things get real this Friday as the Cowgirls open the year in Indiana for the Purdue Mortar Board Premier (Aug. 26-27). UW will take on No. 20 Purdue, No. 24 Kentucky and Washington State this weekend.

Sophomore Dani Westfall, who dons the No. 3 jersey for the Cowgirls, played in five matches a year ago. Before an injury limited her playing time she recorded a team-high 35 assists during the opening weekend against Butler.

Dream job? Neurosurgeon.

Favorite vacation spot? The beach.

Other than volleyball, what about the Olympics do you like most? Swimming.

Favorite athlete? Michael Phelps.

Favorite store to shop at? Safeway.

If one teammate had a reality show, who would it be? Laura Beach. She seems like she is always doing something fun and interesting.