Albany County Volunteers Bring in Record $450,000 for Cowboy Joe Club

Jan. 28, 2011

LARAMIE, Wyo. - The University of Wyoming's Cowboy Joe Club announced Friday that Albany County volunteers raised $451,146 in just one week towards educational and operational costs of UW student-athletes. This total eclipses last year's money raised by more than $26,000 and sets a new Albany County Fund Drive record.

"The fans of Wyoming Athletics who continue to do more by donating to the Cowboy Joe Club obviously realize how important their financial support is in our ability to improve our athletic program," Senior Associate Athletic Director for Development and Revenue Enhancement Josh Rebholz said. "Albany County members and the unbelievable volunteers who worked so hard over the past week to solicit them are essential if we want to rise to the top of the Mountain West Conference. We simply cannot thank Albany County enough for doing their part in providing us the resources necessary for success and in our drive for 5,000 members world-wide."

For the second consecutive year, volunteer Mike Bott, who brought in 12 new members and raised more than $20,400, was the named the drive's best fundraiser and was awarded a road trip to San Diego with the Cowboy football team. Other notable volunteers included Keith Downey, who received the most money in pledges, Jack Tennant, former Wyoming Cowboy offensive lineman and current Cowboy wrestler, who was named the "Rookie of the Year", Joe Dowler, who brought in the most actual cash, and Steve Bastian, who received the runner up award for most money in pledges.

The Albany County Fund Drive began in 1987, originally organized by Wyoming Athletics Hall of Famer Ken Cook, and raised $36,520 in its first year for Wyoming Athletics through Cowboy Joe Club donations. Cook, who will turn 91 this year, has overseen the fund drive for 24 years and helped raise more than $4.6 million for student-athlete scholarships and educational resources at UW over that time.

The 2011 Albany County Fund Drive lasted one week and featured more than 60 volunteers who went out in the Laramie community and solicited new memberships, renewals, and increases to Cowboy Joe Club donations. The fund drive was organized by second year Volunteer Chairman Rod Chisholm who put countless hours of work into this year's record breaking effort. Chisholm was assisted by former Chairman Cook, Hall of Fame Coach Dowler, and Mike Bott.

With Albany County now complete, the Cowboy Joe Club looks to Laramie and Natrona Counties, where both will kick off their fund drive on February 7th. If you are interested in joining the Cowboy Joe Club for 2011 in its "Drive for 5,000" members, please call the Cowboy Joe Club office at (307) 766-6242 or visit