Albany County Breaks Another Cowboy Joe Club Record

Jan. 31, 2008


The University of Wyoming's Cowboy Joe Club announced today that Albany County volunteers broke another all-time record by raising $444,834 towards educational and operational costs for UW student-athletes. This year's total surpasses Albany County's previous high of $409,218 obtained in 2007.

"Most of us thought last year's total couldn't be broken, but it's remarkable what a group of 72 volunteers can do when they set their mind to it," Cowboy Joe Club Director and Associate Athletic Director Josh Rebholz said. "I continue to be amazed with these volunteers and their effort; we are greatly indebted to them for their service."

For the second straight year, volunteer Mike Bott was awarded a road trip with the Cowboy football team by earning the most points of the fund drive. Other notable volunteers included Hall of Famer Joe Dowler who along with Jared Newland, raised the most money in pledges, Jamie Legerski and Denise Marquiss who recruited the most new members and Bill Campbell, who brought in the most cash received.

The Albany County Fund Drive lasted one week and featured more than 70 volunteers who went out in the Laramie community and solicited new memberships, renewals, and increases to Cowboy Joe Club donations. The fund drive was chaired by Ken Cook, who spent countless hours organizing and motivating the volunteers, while participating in the drive himself as well.

Beginning February 11th, Laramie County and the City of Cheyenne will embark on their volunteer fund drive. It will conclude a week later with a celebration reception and award ceremony.

If you are interested in becoming involved in one of the many state-wide fund drives, please call the Cowboy Joe Club office at (307) 766-6242.