Athlete of the Week Archive

Feb. 26, 2010


Sarah Miller

Sounds as though you are set to graduate from UW in May, any plans for what comes next?
"Well I will be walking in May, and then this summer I will finish up my last few credit hours at an internship. Hopefully this will be in Tennessee at an Advertising type position for a few months. I'm hoping for Tennessee because I have family there, and could live with my brother (cheap living gotta love it, haha) for the time being. Then the future awaits me :)"

Do you plan on using any of your dancing experience after you leave UW?
"Oh you know it, I plan on cheering and dancing crazily into every room I walk into from here on out. ha-ha. Just kidding. I don't know, maybe I could help coach a young dance team, or possibly teach dance lessons to younger girls. But as far as my dancing days; I think this will be the end for me."

What is the most common misconception that people have about the Wyoming pom/dance team?
"I think a lot of people are confused on what exactly we do; and what exactly "pom" is. Since there is no longer Wildfire, Pom Squad is a mixture of dancing and cheer. We cheer right along side the other cheer squad, as well as perform dances from time to time at half time. We have a team of very talented dancers and cheerleaders and share our responsibilities equally with the other team."

Are you a morning or night person?
"Ha-ha.. lets just say that "snooze" is my best friend in the morning. I'm definitely not a morning person, and I'm kind of a night owl so... lets go with night person."

Have you ever worn the Pistol Pete mascot head?
"Um...yeah not so much. I think I'd pass on that opportunity, ha-ha."

Being from Cody you must have had some interactions over the years...any humorous encounters you can pass along?
"Oh geez, where do I start? I love Cody, but some interesting individuals definitely make their way through our lovely little town. In the summer we have nightly (fake) gun fights take place in the town, as well as a rodeo every night. I used to work in the visitor center and I always had people asking me interesting questions; like for instance when someone asked me if Old Faithful was "turned off" when people weren't around to watch it, or if the gazelles (what we call antelope) run around freely. ha-ha."

What is your favorite time to live in Wyoming?
"The summer most definitely. I'm not a big fan of the wind and snow... so winter is a rough time for me, ha-ha."

What is one thing you cannot go on a road trip without?
"Hmm.. food. You got to have something to eat on long road trips. Every time I drive home to Cody I have to go buy candy and something to drink, for my six-hour drive."

If you could bring one store into Laramie that is currently not here, what would it be? Same
"Store wise, I'm going to have to say Target. Ha-ha, sounds lame but they have a lot of nice stuff!
"Restaurant wise definitely Olive Garden...endless breadsticks and salad, yes please!"

What is your favorite uniform that you have worn over the years?
"I really love our brown uniforms. We got the top part my first year on the team and so I guess I have a weird emotional connection to it, ha-ha.. plus they are very comfortable in my opinion."

If you won a round-trip airline ticket to anywhere in the world, where would you go?
"I've always wanted to go to Australia. I could go hang out in the Outback :)"

Do you get to travel to the MWC BB Tournament in Las Vegas this year? Excited?
"Yes we do, and I'm very excited. Its something that me and my teammates look forward to all year, can't wait!"

Is there a story behind how you became a UW pom/dance team member?
"Well I came to UW and just did the student thing my first year of school. But every time I went to the games I would watch the teams and think how fun it looked. So I decided to give it a shot the end of that year and go to tryouts. And well, the rest is history."

Guess as to how many UW events you've performed at as a pom/ dance team member over the years?
"Oh my, between football, volleyball, men's and women's basketball, wrestling, pep rallies and performances... I couldn't tell you. A lot! Always a memorable experience and I know I will definitely miss it when its all done."