Cowboy Joe Club Fund Drives Continue Throughout State

March 1, 2012

LARAMIE, Wyo. - The University of Wyoming's Cowboy Joe Club continues with its annual fund drives across the state of Wyoming, announcing Thursday that volunteers in Laramie and Natrona Counties have helped raise more than $460,000 collectively.

"Laramie and Natrona Counties provide great support to the University of Wyoming and the Cowboy Joe Club," Development Officer Sarah McCance said. "They are paramount to the ability of our organization to provide critical resources for student-athletes, and they set the standard for what other counties achieve throughout the year."

Director of Development Jeff Pivic added, "Over 25 percent of the Cowboy Joe Club's annual fund donations are received from residents of these counties. This backing is vital in providing student-athlete scholarships and other educational resources to University of Wyoming Athletics. The Cowboy Joe Club staff would like to thank each and every volunteer and donor in these areas. With their support, Wyoming Cowboys and Cowgirls are provided the opportunity to compete within the highest level of intercollegiate athletics."

The Laramie County Fund Drive, which ran Feb. 8-20, consisted of 20 volunteers soliciting new memberships, renewals and increases to Cowboy Joe Club donations by encouraging their community members to become involved. Harry and Shirley Kembel of Cheyenne once again participated as the fund drive's chairpersons. The Kembels returned nearly $61,000 alone in funds and renewed more than 100 Cowboy Joe Club members. Harry and Shirley Kembel spend countless hours each year assisting with the planning and organizing of the fund drive, as well as motivating volunteers to reach Laramie County fund drive goals each year.

Jack Lyman, a veteran volunteer, collected more than $14,000 in funds, $26,000 in pledges, three new members and won a trip to Las Vegas with Wyoming Football in 2012. Toni Milczewski clinched "Rookie of the Year," collecting more than $5,000 and three new members herself. Other notable volunteers included Mark & Angie Depew who brought in $35,000 in pledges during the two-week blitz, Rob & Cathy Jarosh helped pledge $27,000 for 2012, Lee & Ann Garlach collected $13,700 in renewals, and Jim Hoffmann was runner-up for most money in pledges.

The Natrona County Fund Drive, which began Feb. 6 - Feb. 22, included 12 volunteers who approached new members and assisted the Cowboy Joe Club in their donor renewal efforts. The Natrona County Fund Drive MVP award goes to veteran volunteer Ron Richardson. Richardson made contact with more than 50 donor prospects collecting nearly $15,000 in pledges. For his efforts, Richardson will also receive a trip to Las Vegas with Wyoming Football next season.

Chris Murray and Tom Walters also added great support to the 2012 Natrona County Fund Drive. Murray and Walters received $10,250 and $11,600 in pledges, respectively. Other notable volunteers include: Jan Thomas, former Wyoming Football starting quarterback Casey Bramlet, Mike Thomas, Dana Porter, and Mark Petrie, each of whom collected more than $4,000 each in pledges.

The Cowboy Joe Club will continue its "Drive for 5,000" membership campaign with upcoming fund drives in Carbon, Goshen, Platte, and Sweetwater Counties. For more information or to join the Cowboy Joe Club, log on to or call 307-766-6242.