Athlete of the Week Archive

March 30, 2009


Lauren Kinde

What do you plan to do with your degree in Kinesiology/Athletics Training?
"Right now I'm set to go to grad school at Boise State University working with track and football. I hope to stay in the university setting as an assistant trainer."

Do random people ask you medical questions once they find out you are a student trainer?
"All the time! Most often it's my family, but you also get some random people asking why their knee hurts all the time."

Which UW sports have you worked with during your time in the training room?
"Football, Women's Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, Laramie High School, and more Football!"

When you watch live sporting events do you pay more attention to the trainers or the athletes?
"I really try to watch the athletes when they injure themselves because seeing the mechanism of injury is really important in diagnosing. It's pretty rewarding to guess right just by seeing it happen."

What initially interested you in the field of Sports Medicine?
"My first high school had a program for student trainers that got me interested fairly early. And then Wyoming has such an excellent program there was no question as to where I would go to college!"

Who is the Final Four in your men's basketball bracket this year?
"To tell you the truth I didn't even fill out a bracket this year! I'm pretty terrible at picking the winners, so I just try to enjoy watching the games."

Briefly explain to everyone the types of things you have done over the years in UW's Sports Medicine Center?
"Well, as students we really do a lot of set up and practice coverage for all the different sports, but as seniors we get to do more injury evaluations, treatments, and rehab with the athletes. As seniors we also get to travel with our team on away trips. That can be a very memorable experience!"

Have you ever sat in the cold tubs just for fun? Dared anyone to sit in them for long periods of time?
"I've actually been in the big sunken cold tub and the above-ground therapeutic pool for a class. It really makes me appreciate the athletes who can sit in fifty degree water for twenty minutes!"

What is your favorite sandwich place in Laramie? (Quiznos, Subway, Jimmy Johns, other...)
"McAlister's has become my new favorite sub place thanks to their amazing sweet tea."

In general, what sport's athletes have the worst feet?
"Since I worked mostly with Football, I'd have to say them, but Basketball gives them a good run for their money!"

Which current UW student trainer makes the best Gatorade?
"I'd have to say Cayleigh, she's pretty much a pro at making Gatorade, but all the students are pretty good. A good sign of a Gatorade Mixologist is being able to mix the colors and still making a good flavor and color."

Have you ever timed yourself while taping an ankle? Do you throw your hands in the air when you are finished like rodeo events?
"We actually have to be below two minutes to tape the athletes and I'm just over a minute. We sometimes like to have speed competitions and we do throw our hands up when we're done. Must be a Wyoming thing."

What kind of tunes do you consider to be good driving music?
"Faster paced music that I can groove to. Something that I can drive fast to, but you have to watch the speed so you don't get a ticket!"

Have you ever made Gatorade with hose water?
"The best kind of Gatorade is made from a hose! Actually we have a water hose that we use to fill the coolers, and it rarely tastes like garden hose water."