Athlete of the Week Archive

March 31, 2010


Kellen 'Brick' Little

Where did the nickname `Brick' come from?
"My nickname actually was given to me during my junior year of high school by Casey Ruff, a classmate and close friend who plays golf here at UW. He says that he came up with it from the movie 'Anchorman'. Steve Carroll plays Brick Tamland and Casey said that I came up with random stories and funny stuff all the time so that's where my nickname comes from."

What is the best part of your job? Worst?
"Definitely the best part of my job is that I get travel to many different universities, be involved in a Division I football team, and most of all the people I meet along the way through our university and others. The worst probably would be the winter conditioning that we show up to at 4:45 AM and then the team gets there at 6 AM and we kind of stand around until the end to clean up the pads and mat. I almost feel like if we have to show up that early I would rather just workout with the team instead of standing around half asleep."

What is the most effective method of getting pigeons out of the Indoor Practice Facility?
"I am not going to tell you our method. . . but Mad Dog had a very interesting technique during one of the practice where he chased a pigeon around the IPF trying to throw his coat on top of it."

Who is the best noon basketball player on your staff?
"Well, definitely talent wise I would have to say Aaron Batt has the most raw, pure, explosive athletic basketball ability of us all but he never seems to bring his "A" game. Joseph has the best passing ability. Chip, well I am not sure if he even knows how to play anymore since it has been so long since he has been there. Steven is a good player when he actually shoots. Rob...well he has a vertical advantage over most of us. Myself, I tend to make a lot of mistakes on the basketball floor but every once in awhile I do something good and I don't know where that comes from!"

If you got to wear a jersey during practice and on game day, what number would you select?
"My locker number in the Equipment Room is 11 so I guess my Jersey would have to say EQR 11. I hope that never happens though."

What has been your favorite football stadium to visit?
"My favorite stadium would be Neyland Stadium in Knoxville, Tenn. It's almost a culture shock when you look up from the field and see 93,000 fans cheering against you."

Does anyone, other than equipment room staff, really understand all the different things you are asked to do for your job?
"I am not really sure if they do or not. There are a lot of little things involved with our job that makes the whole scheme of players, practices, games, etc... run smoothly and it takes awhile to learn all of these different things. Mad Dog is very good at his job and it filters down to Rob Kellerman and then to us. When Mad Dog is busy with all the other university sports, along with making sure everything is together for football, it is very important that he has a great assistant like Rob there for him. We as equipment managers also can help and learn from how Mad Dog and Rob do things in the Equipment Room."

Summer plans?
"I just plan to go home to Leiter, Wyo., which is about 40 miles east of Buffalo, Wyo., and work on the family ranch branding calves, docking lambs, irrigating and haying until August 1st, when of course fall football camp starts up again."

What is your favorite sport at UW other than football?
"I was a wrestler my whole life so I really support the wrestling team here at UW and think that Coach Branch is really doing great things for the program. I am good friends with most of the wrestlers and enjoy going to watch as many matches that I can when I am not busy with the football team."

Have you ever pulled an all-nighter and slept in the equipment room?
"I have thought about it but I never have. There has been a few times when we will be there really late and have to get up in the morning for practice and it sometimes feels like a good idea to just crash on the couch, but no I never have . . . yet."

Have you ever hit anyone or gotten hit by someone who was driving the Gator?
"I think that the only time that the Gator has hit something it wasn't supposed to was when Nick DeWitt (former UW manager) ran it into the side of the stadium right in the middle of practice and Weston Johnson, Ward Dobbs, and some other linebackers at the time started the slow clap as Nick marched himself into the Equipment Room to report the fatality to Mad Dog."

If you were selected for the next `Dancing With The Stars' and could pick anyone for your partner, who would it be?
"Well I actually watch that show and I would have to choose the professional dancer Julianne Hough. She won with Apolo Anton Ohno."

What is your favorite color combination (jersey/pant) that our football team has worn since you've been at UW?
"I like the brown tops with yellow pants. That has always been my favorite, both when we were New Balance and now with Nike."

Do equipment managers carbo-load the night before a game?
"If you are wondering why we always look so game ready in the morning then yes it is because of our carbo-load diet the day before the game."

Who is your favorite professional sports team?
"The Denver Nuggets for basketball, but other than that I can't say that I have a favorite."

What advice do you give to little kids who come up to you and want your autograph?
"I have only had a couple do that to me and I am not even sure why they would even come to me, but I would tell them to stay involved in activities of some nature, such as sports, music, art, etc... anything is good as long as you are involved in something."