State of Wyoming Legislature Appropriates $100,000 to Aid Wyoming High School Students Attending UW Summer Camps

April 9, 2014

LARAMIE, Wyo. - The State of Wyoming Legislature recently appropriated $100,000 to the University of Wyoming to help reduce the housing and dining costs for Wyoming resident high school students attending UW summer camps held at the university in 2014.

UW Athletics, UW Governmental and Community Affairs and UW Student Affairs worked together to develop a plan to utilize the appropriated funds to benefit Wyoming high school students attending a variety of UW camps, including eligible UW Athletics sport camps, music camps and other extracurricular camps in 2014.

The $100,000 will go specifically to offsetting housing and dining costs for high school residents of the State of Wyoming attending summer camps and staying in the University of Wyoming residence halls.

High school campers attending eligible UW sport camps, music camps and other extracurricular camps and events held at the university will receive a $16 per night reduction in residence hall costs for the summer of 2014. As an example, a Wyoming resident camper attending a UW sports camp/music clinic for three nights, would save $16 per night times 3 nights for a savings of $48.

The Wyoming Legislature's goal for appropriating this $100,000 is to provide an incentive for more state of Wyoming high school students to be able to take advantage of University of Wyoming summer camps and be afforded the opportunity to visit and become familiar with the university campus.

"The State of Wyoming Legislature has created a great opportunity for the high school students of Wyoming by providing this special funding for summer camps," said UW Athletics Director Tom Burman. "We are very proud to partner with the Legislature and the University of Wyoming in making UW summer camps more accessible to a larger group of Wyoming high school students. We want as many Wyoming youth to be able to benefit from the expertise of our coaching staffs and to enjoy our athletic facilities this summer."