League Unified Regarding Mountain West Television Model

June 7, 2007


As part of its annual meeting, the Mountain West Conference Board of Directors reaffirmed its unanimous support of the league's television model and its commitment to working collectively as a unified group to maximize the potential of this unique approach.

The group reviewed the league's new television structure, specifically focusing on the current unacceptable state of the distribution of The Mtn.

"We are all in this together," said University of Wyoming President Dr. Thomas Buchanan. "We are all concerned that the television coverage and distribution has not yet reached the levels acceptable to all of the league members. We believe that broader distribution of The Mtn. programming through a variety of delivery systems will benefit all nine Mountain West institutions."

While distribution is of great urgency to all members of the MWC, the Board noted many positives of the television structure. Those positives include control of the scheduling process, development of outstanding programming and playing games at preferred dates and times.

The Board's concern with the current state of distribution of The Mtn. led it to vote unanimously to retain Mr. Kelly Crabb of the Morrison & Foerster law firm in Los Angeles to clarify the nature of the television contract, delineate the distribution strategies available to the Conference and work directly with Commissioner Craig Thompson and an ad hoc committee of the Board in representing the MWC in ongoing negotiations.

Serving as the ad hoc committee will be TCU Chancellor Victor Boschini, Colorado State President Larry Edward Penley and Brigham Young University President Cecil Samuelson.

"We are all about competitiveness," said UW Athletics Director Tom Burman. "Just as we compete on the field, and in the classroom, we also want to be as competitive as we can in the marketplace. We want our television coverage and distribution to help us in that area."