Cowboy Joe Club Seeks Volunteers


Interested in volunteering with the Cowboy Joe Club?

The Cowboy Joe Club is looking for dedicated fans to help the Cowboys and Cowgirls move from "good to great." As the athletic program at UW continues to improve, volunteers can make a difference in many different ways. The Cowboy Joe Club utilizes volunteers in local fund drives, at pre-game functions before events and also in assisting with items for the Cowboy Joe Club Annual Auction held each fall.

During fund drives, volunteers go out into the community and encourage others to pledge their support for Wyoming athletics. For the past ten years, the Cowboy Joe Club's total revenue each year has exceeded the total revenue from the previous year - we simply could not do it without the support of our volunteers. Fund drives are a great opportunity to meet other Wyoming fans in the area and prizes are given away to the top volunteers in each fund drive around the state.

Volunteers can also assist the CJC staff at pre-game functions before Cowboy football and basketball games. The pre-game functions, which are open to all Cowboy Joe Club members, are a great gathering place for fans. Volunteers can help to serve food and drinks or help out with other various needs. The Cowboy Joe Club holds pre-game functions before every Cowboy football game (home and away) as well as before most Cowboy basketball home games and select Cowboy basketball road games.

The Cowboy Joe Club Annual Auction is held each fall the Friday night before a home football game. Volunteers can help by donating items to the auction or by working on auction items in their local area. The auction has developed into much more than a Laramie/Cheyenne event, items from across the state and region make the auction the single-most successful fundraising event of the year for the Cowboy Joe Club.

If you are interested in volunteering with the Cowboy Joe Club, please call the CJC office at (307) 766-6242 or email Go Pokes!