Deputy AD Barbara Burke Letter to Fans About MountainWest Sports Network

Aug. 18, 2006


Dear Wyoming Fans:

IT'S NOW TIME FOR YOU TO GET INTO THE GAME! As you know, the University of Wyoming and the Mountain West Conference have embarked on an exciting new television partnership with CSTV, Comcast and the mtn. You've been wondering how you can now see the Cowboys on television, and what you can do to help. Now is your opportunity.

MountainWest Sports Network (the mtn.) is the brand-new sports and lifestyle network from Comcast and CSTV, which is the first-ever 24-hour sports network devoted exclusively to a single collegiate athletic conference. Please visit our website for more information at

Broad distribution for the mtn. is critical to ensuring that you can see the Cowboys' action, including the upcoming football season. This network will capture the passion and excitement across all sports that make schools like UW - and the rest of the Mountain West Conference - among the best in the country.

Currently, the mtn. will be available on Comcast Cable in Utah, Colorado and New Mexico when it launches on Sept. 1. You need to help us make sure it will also be on in Wyoming.

Whether cable providers and satellite companies decide to carry a particular channel is largely a consumer-driven decision. This is where you come in. While negotiations are ongoing, you can help us "turn up the volume" by letting your cable or satellite company know that you as a subscriber want to see the mtn.

Please call your local television provider today and tell them you want the mtn. The numbers for you to call are listed below. Don't be deterred if the person you talk to may not know about the mtn., since it doesn't launch until September 1. You can educate them. And, be sure the customer service representative forwards to following specific request to their supervisor:

Please add the mtn. to my cable or satellite lineup on the lowest tier possible.

Thanks for your support and Go Cowboys!


Barbara Burke
WYO Deputy Director of Athletics

Your local cable provider

1-800-494-4388 (existing customers)
1-888-238-7177 (new customers)

Dish Network
1-888-284-7116 (existing customers)
1-888-825-2557 (new customers)