Athlete of the Week Archive

Oct. 30, 2009


Brandon Fischer

How did you get into swimming? How old were you?
"I started swimming when I was a baby, swimming lessons at the local pool over the summer, then I started competitive swimming when I was 11 years old. I really can't remember not being in the water and that's why my nickname was always `The Fish'."

What is your favorite T.V. show?
"Dirty Jobs."

How many times at practice do you get water up your nose?
"Every time I get in the water that happens because I forget that I don't have gills."

Have you ever had your hair turn green from all the chlorine?
"Yes, actually greenish and very stringy. It would be perfect for Halloween!! My sister always tells me I need to use more conditioner. I am also getting a receding hair line as well so I guess the chlorine is doing a number on me!"

If you could be a diver for one day what dive would you try to perform?
"I would attempt the `fall on my face' dive probably because I am not good at diving. Hey I'm pretty good at cannon balls though!"

Who on the team can hold their breath the longest?
"I really don't know about under the water, but I always win at holding my breath when I am in tunnels."

If you could dance with Natalie Coughlin on 'Dancing with the Stars' what dance would you want to perform and would you wear a Speedo?
"Oh yeah, for sure I would do the Mojito and wear a Speedo to spice things up."

If you were allowed to wear flippers and a snorkel during the 50 freestyle how fast could you swim it?
"I am definitely not a sprint freestyler, but with gear I could probably go 19 seconds."

Do you ever wear your swim cap in the shower?
"No, but if I did, then you wouldn't be able to see my baldness."

Why do swimmers wear a parka while standing next to a heated pool in a heated building?
"I wish I knew the answer because I don't do that. They must have cabin fever or something?"

What does the stocking cap you wear during swimming meets mean to you?
"In fact it is my Dad's beanie when he came out of high school. It was custom made by a ski shop that his buddy worked at and gave to him as a gift. My Dad used to swim and play water polo back when he was in high school. He was a breaststroker too. He quit swimming because he let his peers and coaches tear him down. There is not a single day that goes by that he does not regret it. He wishes he could go back and change all of it but my Dad is a very wise man because of it and I always look to him for advice on life. He passed it down to me when I was a kid and I have worn it to every swim meet. Every time I put it on or look at it, it reminds me to never give in to the words or actions of my peers and never give up on my dreams and pursuit of happiness."

Since you live in Wyoming, do you own a pair of cowboy boots and a cowboy hat?
"Oh yeah, I got some here and back home as well. No matter where I go now, I'm a Wyoming Cowboy at heart."

What was your best Halloween costume ever?
"When I was a mummy and was wrapped in stripes of white sheets for a haunted house I was working at. I tell you, it was sure hard to swim with my costume on!!!"

What was the worst candy you got when you were trick-or-treating?
"It was the Harry Potter jelly beans because I was not ready for the tripe taste. That was nasty stuff!"