Cowboy Joe Club Eclipses Previous Record, Raises $2.15 Million

Nov. 18, 2009


Another record year for the University of Wyoming's Cowboy Joe Club has been announced today by Josh Rebholz, Associate Athletic Director for Development. With more than a month remaining in the 2009 fundraising year, the Cowboy Joe Club has received $2,153,427 in cash contributions, which eclipses 2008's record year-end total by more than $20,000.

"I continue to be amazed by the support our fan and alumni base demonstrates," Rebholz said. "With the current economic times, we weren't sure we could sustain the amount of donations brought in last year. But our fans came through as always and more than 4,000 members not only maintained what we did in 2008, they surpassed it and we still have a month left."

Once again, Albany County led the charge in bringing student-athlete support. The residents of Albany County have thus far has contributed $426,850. Albany County residents are followed by Laramie County, at $373,529, Natrona County, at $215,080 and Sweetwater County, at $147,569. Since 2007, Sweetwater County residents have increased their annual support by more than 46%. The State of Colorado leads out of state support, where thus far Colorado residents have contributed $201,034.

The Cowboy Joe Club also announced that membership numbers have also increased slightly in 2009. Currently there are 4,021 members of the Cowboy Joe Club who donate at least $100 annually, which is an increase of last year by 46 individuals or organizations. As the 2009 fundraising drive comes to a close, there is still more than $28,000 in outstanding pledges, and the Cowboy Joe Club encourages members to get their tax-deductible contribution in before December 31st. Cowboy Joe Club members can expect their 2010 renewals late this month.

The 2010 Cowboy Joe Club fund drive marks the 40th Anniversary of the club, which was incorporated as a 501c3 non-profit organization in 1970. With the 2009 year-end figures still being tallied, over the past 40 years members of the Cowboy Joe Club have brought in more than $41 million for student-athlete support at UW.

A long and storied past of Presidents, Board of Directors, Executive Directors, and White Hat Award recipients have worked extremely hard to ensure the success of the Cowboy Joe Club. In 2010, the University of Wyoming will celebrate the Cowboy Joe Club and its 40th Anniversary with various special events and recognitions. Also in conjunction with the 40th Anniversary, the Cowboy Joe Club announced the Wyoming Athletics Legacy Wall Campaign, which kicked off in October. The Wyoming Athletics Legacy Wall is being built as part of the renovations to War Memorial Stadium, and it will allow friends, fans and alumni of UW to purchase personalized 4"x8", 8"x8" and 16"x16" paver to be displayed in perpetuity. Already the response to this campaign has been sensational. A month into the campaign and there are only 2,000 spaces remaining, with 25% of the wall already secured and 200 pavers being sold a week on average. Fans are asked to order soon before the wall is full and this unique opportunity runs out.

"We are very excited to kick-off the 2010 fund drive, celebrate the 40th Anniversary, and establish the Wyoming Athletics Legacy Wall," Rebholz said. "I have no doubt fans will once again, as they have since 1970, do all that they can to support the young men and women who wear the Brown and Gold with such pride."

The Cowboy Joe Club raises money in support of scholarships and educational resources for University of Wyoming student-athletes. If you are interested in becoming a member of the Cowboy Joe Club or you would like to purchase a Wyoming Athletics Legacy Wall paver, please contact CJC at (307) 766-6242 or visit this web site.