Athlete of the Week Archive

Dec. 14, 2009


Kathleen Warner

What is your favorite memory from your four years on the cheer squad?
"One of my favorite memories was in 2007 when I was cheering for the Women's Basketball Team and they won the WNIT Championship! That was awesome! I have a feeling the New Mexico Bowl is going to be one to remember too."

Tell us what the most physically demanding aspect of cheer is?
"Probably stunting and tumbling. You can really take a beating stunting and tumbling on the basketball court. It is unforgiving."

Why do you cheer? Obviously not the pro contract you will sign after graduation.
"Cheerleaders get the best seat in the house! I have cheered for a long time and I love it! I couldn't see myself not doing it in college. I also love my team! I have met some of the most amazing people since cheering here!"

Have you ever counted the number of times you say `Wyoming' or `Cowboys' during a game? Any other things about cheer that gets repetitive?
"I probably say it about 5467 times! Hahah!"

What is your favorite part of a home football game?
"I have to say my FAVORITE part so far this year was the run on. I love the video they show to run on the players and the song..."DEEAADDDD or ALLLIIVEEEE!" It is exhilarating!"

Since you are from Cheyenne, tell us your favorite Frontier Days moment.
"Well, I am actually an Air Force I lived in Germany for seven years. This summer though, will go down in history! It was the BEST Frontier Days EVER! I went to Rodney Atkins, Taylor Swift, and all my friends and I went to see Kenny Chesney for my 21st birthday!"

What is your favorite winter activity in Wyoming? Summer?
"My favorite winter activity in Wyoming is trying to avoid car accidents and hibernating during snow storms. In the summer I love going to the lake with my friends and spending time with my family at Cape Cod."

If you do not have to cheer, what is your favorite UW sport to watch?
"Well, since we cheer for Football, Basketball, Volleyball, and soon we will be cheering for Wrestling, I have grown to love watching all UW sports! I never miss a Patriots game though...I love football!"

How do you feel about having a very large image of yourself displayed as part of the FB photo collage, upstairs in the Rochelle Athletics Center?
"I think it is pretty cool to have a larger than life size image of yourself on a wall! I didn't know that collage was going up so when I saw it I was kind of surprised!"

You probably get lots of comments on your red hair...does that ever get old?
"No, it doesn't get old, it is just who I am. Red heads are going extinct you know, I am part of a dying breed."

If you have $20 to spend at the grocery store, what are the basic staples you purchase?
"Lately, I have been on a Starbucks binge. That 20$ is going towards those eggnog lattes."

What is your favorite Christmas tradition?
"When I used to live in Germany, I used to love going to the Christmas Markets!"

Have you ever received, or given, an ugly sweater as a Christmas gift?
"I can't say that I have. I love everything about the holidays, even the ugly Christmas sweaters!"

What is the best spot to be in the cheerleader pyramid?
"The flyer is a really fun spot to be in because you get to interact with the crowd!"

Seems like cheerleaders are often the target of photo requests from fans...what is the strangest request you've ever gotten from a fan (photo or otherwise)?
"I haven't really gotten any strange requests before! I love taking pictures with fans. Wyoming fans are the best! I guess the one strange thing is that sometimes we get requests to take pictures with the opposing teams fans."

What do you plan to do with your college degree after you leave UW?
"Right now, I am really set on attending grad school. I hope to attend grad school at UW because they have a great Communications program. I am also thinking about joining the United States Air Force possibly working in Public Affairs. The sky is the limit!"