Wyoming Set to Launch The Corral

Dec. 19, 2013

LARAMIE, Wyo. - The University of Wyoming Athletics Department is proud to announce the unveiling of "The Corral" Social Media Center. The Corral will feature state of the art technology to help promote Wyoming Athletics on social media platforms. It is set to launch after the New Year.

"Social media is very impactful, becoming one of the most utilized information tools by our fans," said Assistant Athletic Director for Marketing and Branding Nick Popplewell. "In recent basketball fan surveys, social media was rated as the number one source of how Cowboy and Cowgirl fans learn about Wyoming Athletics events and news. Understanding this reliance, we knew we had to expand and improve our social media presence."

The Corral features three 32" televisions, two 22" monitors and two advanced computers that will run various creative programs as well as a specialized data visualization solution called Tickr. Tickr will provide a turn-key Command Center that will allow Wyoming Athletics to visualize conversations about the department, its teams and student-athletes, in real-time. Mentions about UW on social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest will be displayed alongside BI data like Google Analytics, SalesForce, and Ticket Sales. The service provided by Tickr will provide the athletics department with the opportunity to interact with fans like never before. Popplewell noted, "Social media allows us to interact with fans directly, 1 to 1. Interaction drives engagement which eventually results in ticket sales, donations and a more passionate fan base."

The Corral will feature DirecTV to allow for staff to keep Poke fans up to date even when Wyoming is on the road. Part of the overall initiative will also include cleaning up and improving sport programs' social media accounts so there is a unified approach and regular, compelling content.

The Corral will be managed and supervised by the marketing and media relations department. The social media center for Wyoming Athletics will be operated by eight University of Wyoming undergraduate students.

"We want to be on the forefront of social media as it relates to college athletics," said Popplewell. "Wyoming will be one of only a handful of schools currently utilizing this strategy."