Wyoming Student-Athletes To Attend National Alcohol Screening Day

March 29, 2000


University of Wyoming student-athletes will be participating in the NationalAlcohol Screening Day on April 6, 2000. Each student-athlete will attend a two-hourscreening session throughout the day. This two-hour screening will consist of awelcome, slide presentation with question/answer, and a video, and a short screeninginterview with a health professional. This screening will take place in the MultiPurpose Gym from1:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m.

Alcohol use in the U.S. is widespread and enjoys great cultural acceptance.However, nearly 14 million Americans - 1 in every 13 adults - suffer from an alcoholuse disorder such as alcohol abuse or alcohol dependence.

National Alcohol Screening Day (NASD) was created to help the millions ofAmericans whose lives are reflected in these statistics. The success of last year'sfirst ever NASD shows that the program does in fact motivate individuals with alcoholproblems to come forward to be screened and guided toward treatment and other types ofinterventions. NASD 1999 evaluations results show that roughly 50,000 individualsparticipated in the program and over 30,000 of these participants were screened at morethan 1700 colleges and community-based sites across the country. It is impossible toquantify the thousands more who were reached by educational aspects of the program, bythe national media campaign, or through a family member or friend who attended NASDevent and shared their newly acquired knowledge and resources.

NASD does not attempt to offer a diagnosis, but rather is an opportunity topoint out to participants the presence or absence of symptoms indicating the likelihoodof an actual emerging alcohol problem and offer a referral for further evaluation.

Corey Hamrick
Student Athlete Advisory Committee