Bronze Sculptures Added To UW Athletics Facilities

June 20, 2003


A lasting symbol representing the pride of Wyoming athletics has been placed in two prominent UW Intercollegiate Athletics locations, thanks to the work of Chris Navarro, a nationally renowned outdoor momumental sculptor from Casper.

"Cowboy Tough", the silhouette of a cowboy riding a bucking horse, was created by Navarro for UW, to signify, in bronze, the toughness of Wyoming athletics. "The Cowboy astride a bucking horse represents the toughness, pride, spirit and independence of the people, lands and the animals of Wyoming," Navarro said.

Navarro was commissioned by the UW Athletics Department to produce two sculptures. One has been placed at the north end of War Memorial Stadium near the arch at the scoreboard, and the other on the second floor of the Rochelle Athletics Center in the north window. Each bronze stands over four feet tall, and rests on a three-foot, marble pedistal.

Bronze sculpture on the second floor of the Rochelle Athletics Center.

"The silhouette of a cowboy riding a bucking horse has long been the symbol of the state of Wyoming, and the emblem of the University of Wyoming," Navarro said. "The image is on the state's license plates, and it's on the UW football helps and athletic uniforms."

Smaller editons of Navarro "Cowboy Tough" bronze are available through the Cowboy Joe Club. Cost is $1,500. Contact the Club at 307-766-6242.