UW Keeps Bucking Horse And Rider Logo

July 26, 2000


University of Wyoming President Philip L. Duboisannounced at a news conference today (Wednesday) that UW is keeping itstraditional bucking horse and rider and updating its colors to brown andWyoming prairie gold to represent the school's intercollegiate athleticsprogram, including this year's football uniforms.

Dubois, in early summer 1998, appointed a campus group to re-examinethe university's product marketing efforts, including possible revisions tocolors and logos that might boost sales of UW commercially-licensedproducts, such as casual clothing. Dubois' action generated criticism bysome supporters of UW athletics and encouragement by some who applauded theexploratory nature of the process.

"We went into this exploratory process asking ourselves two simplequestions," said Dubois. "First, was there a logo that would betterrepresent UW athletics than the traditional rendition of our bucking horseand rider? Second, were there colors, other than the ones we've been using,that could help increase sales of UW products?

"During our exploratory process, we learned that there wasextraordinary loyalty to the traditional rendition of the bucking horse andrider and, quite frankly, we never saw a modified version of the Steamboatsymbol that did a better job of representing UW athletics." Duboiscontinued, "Colors were another matter."

"When unofficially adopted around 1892, UW's colors were designatedbrown and yellow," Dubois said. "Over the years, people have used a varietyof yellows and golds to represent UW and, between 1979-81, a true gold wasfeatured prominently on UW football uniforms. Not surprisingly, peoplecommonly refer to UW's colors as brown and gold. Our decision to adopt brownand Wyoming prairie gold is an acknowledgment of not only common usage butalso market forces that will give consumers a more contemporary colorpalate. Products featuring the bucking horse and rider logo in brown andWyoming prairie gold will be available in retail stores by the first homefootball game, September 16."

UW was assisted in its exploratory process by SME, the country'sleading firm in the development of athletic logos. Throughout the process,the UW committee and SME kept their focus on UW traditions. Despite rumorsto the contrary, colors other than shades of brown and gold were neverseriously considered.