Athletics Counseling Program

Everybody needs a little help now and then. Our goal at UW is to give you all the support you need so that you may meet your goal of the best college education possible. The Wyoming way means smiles, friends you can relate to and people you can count on.

Within the athletics department, the academic counseling staff visits regularly with every student-athlete to be certain they are making progress toward a degree and to assist with any problems that may arise. The counselors provide assistance on matters such as registration, degree planning, and compliance with University, Mountain West Conference and NCAA policies and procedures.

Wyoming's athletics counselors also have an excellent relationship with the University administration, faculty and deans. The counselors keep faculty aware of student-athlete road trips, while the professors and deans prepare regular progress reports on each student-athlete throughout the year.

The academic counseling support system, in connection with the advisors on campus, will advise students of academicschedules. There is a series of core freshman classes in English, Math and Social Sciences which provide a solid base for the pursuit of any major.

The Monitoring/Mentoring Program is an outstanding program for the student-athletes. Support personnel assign individuals to act as individual counselors with the students and meet with them on a bi-weekly schedule. Tutoring is available at study table. Tutors are available to students at any time day or night.

"I believe what sets us apart from other schools is the individualized attention. We provide a great deal of structure for the student-athlete which involves lots of one-on-one interaction. Everyone is able to stay on top of their students because of the structure. A lot of that comes from the coaching staff. They pay attention to detail as much or more than anyone with whom I have worked."

Dr. Pete Toye
Associate Athletics Director for Student Services

The Athletics Counseling Office offers programs designed to assist each student-athlete to achieve his athletic and academic goals. The office is staffed by three full-time counselors, and one full-time administrative assistant. The entire staff is dedicated to achieving the program goal of providing comprehensive services to ensure a successful experience academically, personally, vocationally and athletically.

The athletics counseling office offers a full range of services in the following areas:

1. Academic Counseling
The core of academic-support services is the tutorial and mentor program. A qualified staff of tutors and mentors assists students in clarifying their study material and, in the case of travel, helps students catch up on what material was missed. In addition to the tutorial program, attention is given to each individual in the development of their class schedule. All UW students must take a minimum of 12 hours of classes each semester which directly apply to their chosen degree and appropriate scheduling is a critical priority. Study skills assistance is available for those who need special help in areas including test preparation, note taking and time management techniques. Each student-athlete's academic progress is closely monitored during the semester for such things as attendance, current grade and class participation. Steps are taken to address deficiencies identified by student-athlete progress reports on an individual basis.

2. Personal Counseling
College life can be stressful, as well as a rewarding experience. The additional pressures and stress of being a student-athlete can create problems which mayinhibit the effectiveness of the individual in all aspects of life. Issues involving family, friends, school or sport may have a serious impact on the individual, and these issues may be addressed with the help of the professional counseling that is available to each student-athlete.

3. Career Counseling
The purpose of obtaining a college education is to prepare an individual for meaningful employment following graduation. Needless to say, the act of choosing a useful major is indeed a challenging task considering the multitude of possibilities. Career counseling is available to assist student-athletes in the very important process of selecting a major that will lead to a desired career.

4. Personal Growth and Development
This component of the student-athlete counseling program consists of presentations and workshops that address the needs and concerns of today's student-athletes. Presentations feature issues such as Cultural Diversity, Drugs/Alcohol Abuse, Sexual Awareness and Responsibility, and Becoming Your Personal Best. Our goal is to provide student-athletes with information that allows them to make informed choices about their personal behavior.

University of Wyoming Academic Quick Facts
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