Moon Restructures Upper Level Administrative Staff

Aug. 13, 2001


University of Wyoming AthleticsDirector Lee Moon has announced the restructuring of his upper leveladministrative staff, as well as the addition of a new member to thedepartment.

While Moon announced the hiring of Dr. Robert D. Sawrey as UW'sAssociate Director of Athletics for Compliance and Student Services, he alsoindicated that Associate Athletic Director and Senior Women's AdministratorBarbara Burke, and Executive Business Manager Bill Sparks are being promotedand assigned additional duties.

Burke, in her fourth year, is the new Senior Associate AthleticDirector for Internal Affairs. She replaces Keener Fry, Jr., who left toaccept a position in West Virginia. Sparks, who is beginning his thirdyear at UW, is being named Assistant Athletic Director, and will assumeadditional duties.

"Both Barbara and Bill have been extremely valuable to thisdepartment," Moon said. "I always enjoy having the opportunity to promotesomeone for a job well done, and both of these individuals are verydeserving. In addition to her duties of overseeing our women's program,Barbara will be in charge of the day-to-day internal operations of thedepartment. Those duties will include personnel issues as well asoversight of game management of all sports. Bill will continue to overseethe day-to-day operation of the financial and budgetary areas for theathletic department business office, as well as provide oversight andsupervision to our ticket office, event concessions, and the equipmentroom and weight room. In addition, he will handle team travel for men'sbaseketball and assist with football travel and game-day operations."

Moon also announced that Associate Athletic Director BruceHemphill, also in his third year, has been assigned additional duties.Hemphill, who is in charge of facilities and men's olympic sports, also willbe involved in football team travel and game-day operations for bothbasketball and football.

Burke is a 1980 graduate of Western Michigan where she earned a Physical Education while earning letters in both basketball and softball.She earned her master's degree in Education/Administration of Athletics fromthe University of Tennessee at Chattanooga in 1984. She was inducted intothe Norrix Loy High School Hall of Fame in 1997, and the Western MichiganUniversity Athletic Hall of Fame in 1998. She has coached basketball onboth the high school and collegiate level. She was named Associate AthleticDirector at Marshall University in 1994, and remained until taking a job atUTEP in 1998, as Associate Athletic Director and Senior Women'sAdministrator. She joined Wyoming in 1999.

Sparks received a bachelor's degree in BusinessAdministration/Finance from Marshall University in 1979, and a master'sdegree in Sport Management from the University of Georgia in 1992. He spent11 years in the private sector in corporate finance. From 1992-94, he was amember of the University of Kentucky, where he was involved with internaloperations as well as marketingand promotions. Prior to coming to Wyoming,he was Director of Marketing and Director of Communications for theKnoxville Sports Corporation.

Dr. Sawrey will focus primarily on NCAA compliance issues. He alsowill oversee the academic support unit as well as supervise the StudentAthlete Advisory Council (SAAC). For the past six years, Dr. Sawrey has beenChair of the History Department at Marshall University (Huntington, WestVirginia). He has been teaching at Marshall since 1980. He became aprofessor there in 1990. From 1995 through 1998, he was the NCAA FacultyAthletics Representative for Marshall. He earned his undergraduate degreein History from the University of South Dakota in 1970, and his M.A. inHistory from the University of Cincinnati in 1971. He has a Ph.D. inAmerican History which he received from the University of Cincinnati, in1979.

While at Marshall, Dr. Sawrey was Director of the University HonorsProgram (1994-95), President of the Faculty Senate (1991-93) and Director ofGraduate Studies for the History Department (1989-92, 1993-95).

"We are very fortunate to have an individual of Robert's quality,"Moon said. "I believe he is perfectly suited to handle the areas ofcompliance and student services. As Faculty Athletics Representative atMarshall, he worked very closely with the student-athletes, and gained agreat deal of experience. His position as President of the Faculty Senatespeaks volumes about the respect he had from the faculty at Marshall. Welook forward to his building a solid relationship with our academiccommunity at Wyoming."