Wyoming AD No Longer A Candidate For N. Carolina State Position

Sept. 3, 2000


University of Wyoming AthleticsDirector Lee Moon announced on Sunday that he is no longer a candidate forthe position of athletics director at North Carolina State University.

"People have known for the past couple of weeks that North CarolinaState had approached me as a potential candidate for the athletics directorjob at their university," said Moon. "I am flattered that they consideredme as a candidate for their position, but at this time I have decided toremain in my position as athletics director at the University of Wyoming.

"When positions such as North Carolina State open up, it makes itdifficult. On one hand, I feel that I owe it to my family to consider suchopenings, but on the other hand I appreciate the opportunity I've been givenat the University of Wyoming. We've been able to get a number of verypositive things initiated here at Wyoming -- with the new Rochelle AthleticsCenter at the forefront of those accomplishments. At this time, I felt thebest decision I could make was to remain at Wyoming."

Moon is entering his fifth year at UW. During his time in Laramie,he has a number of accomplishments to his credit. Moon led UW's efforts inraising money for the $9.5 million dollar Curtis and Marian RochelleAthletics Center, currently under construction. He negotiated a $2.35million football contract with the University of Tennessee to play Wyomingin Nashville in 2002. Moon also played a key role in helping negotiatetelevision contracts with ESPN and SportsWest television that have increasedcoverage of Wyoming Athletics on a national level. Approximately $460,000from the SportsWest TV contract was utilized to install lights in Wyoming'sWar Memorial Stadium during the summer of 2000, further facilitatingcoverage of Wyoming Football by national television networks.

Moon is currently a member of the NCAA Football Issues Committee,and serves on the Division IA Ahletics Directors' Association ExecutiveCommittee.