University of Wyoming Student-Athletes Form Advisory Committee

October 6, 1998


A select group of student-athletes at the University of Wyoming has come together to form the University of Wyoming Student-Athlete Advisory Committee.

The group of 14 meets once a month to discuss issues concerning student-athletes at the University of Wyoming.

"Its a good communication tool because it goes both ways," said Janet Constantinides, University of Wyoming Faculty Athletic Representative. "Its a way for the student-athletes to voice their concerns and it gives the administration an opportunity to give information back to the kids.

"The administration doesnt just lay down the policies, but rather the student-athletes discuss them and have a chance to ask questions."

Representatives are selected by each individual team itself or by the head coach. Each representative is then responsible for relaying what was discussed onto their teammates.

"This year the group is working on finising bylaws and on getting recognized as an on-campus organization," Barbara Burke, University of Wyoming Associate Athletics Director and Senior Womens Administrator, said. "They look out for the welfare of student-athletes here at the University of Wyoming."

The committee plans seminars, organizes community service activities and publishes a student-athlete newsletter four times a year.

The president of the committee is Anne Stohrer (volleyball), the vice president is Corey Hamrick (wrestling), and the secretary is Bree Hotchkiss (soccer).

The remaining members of the committee are:

Jacob Hunter-mens golf

Mardi Johnson-womens swimming

Jamie LaBrayere-womens golf

Jenny Lazzeri-womens basketball

Brad Mann-mens basketball

Phil Rehard-mens swimming

Amanda Roberts-tennis

Shelly Wedemeyer-womens track

Dave Wilsea-mens track

Jay Wojkiewicz-football

T.W. Steele-football