Betty Rendle Estate Donates Over One Million Dollars to Cowboy Joe Club

Oct. 25, 1999


The late Betty Rendle, who was amember of the Cowboy Joe Club since 1993 and was an administrative assistantto former Wyoming governor Stan Hathaway for 25 years, has donated over $1million to the Cowboy Joe Club. Rendle passed away on Aug. 20, 1998, aftera long career in public service.

A native of Rawlins, Wyo., Rendle was introduced to WyomingAthletics by her father and mother, Fred and Fannie Rendle. Ms. Rendlereceived her bachelor's degree from Stanford University and attended theUniversity of Wyoming to work on her master's degree. After college, sheworked for Phillips Oil Company in Venezuela for several years before movingto Washington D.C., where she went to work for former United States Senatorfrom Wyoming Frank Barrett.

Rendle returned to her home state of Wyoming when Barrett hadcompleted his service in Washington. Upon her return to Wyoming, she wentto work for the Republican party in Casper as the assistant to John Wold.In 1963, Hathaway was elected State Chairman of the Republican Party, andRendle began a 25-year association with Hathaway as his administrativeassistant. Rendle stayed with Hathaway through his two terms as Governor,and continued to work with him after he left public office and returned topracticing law.

The Cowboy Joe Club will donate $1,000,000 of the Rendle bequest tothe Rochelle Athletics Center (RAC). The academic center in the RAC will benamed for the Rendle family. The remaining amount of the bequest will beput into an endowment scholarship in the names of Betty, Fred and FannieRendle.

"We felt that this would be the most appropriate use of the funds wereceived from the Rendle estate," said Randy Welniak, Associate AthleticsDirector for Development. "Furthermore, we hope this is something thatBetty and her parents would appreciate."

The Rochelle Athletics Center is scheduled to begin construction inthe spring of 2000. Total cost for the project is set at $9.4 million.