Harms, Craddock and Hall Win Admiral Land Awards

One outstanding student-athlete and two dedicated students are the winners of the 2016 Admiral Land Award and Trophy, respectively. The presentations were made at Saturday's Wyoming-Air Force Homecoming football game.  This year's Award winner is wrestler Tanner Harms, and the Trophy co-winners are Cassandra Craddock, a student assistant in the Cowboy Joe Club, and Patrick Hall, a student assistant for Wyoming Football. 

The Admiral Land Award is presented to the student-athlete who has completed his or her Wyoming competition during the preceding academic year and demonstrated outstanding achievement in intercollegiate competition, exemplary personal conduct on and off the field, and maintained academic standing with satisfactory progress toward a degree.  The Admiral Land Trophy is awarded to the student (non-collegiate athlete) who has done the most to promote Intercollegiate Athletics at the University during the previous school year. 

A native of Greenwood, Village, Colo., Harms was a four-time letterwinner with the UW wrestling team and an NCAA Post-Graduate Scholar. He was a two-time NCAA Qualifier and finished his senior season with a 22-6 record helping the Pokes' to their highest finish at the NCAA Championship in 20 years. He was also the first finalist for the Cowboys to wrestle in the Big 12 Championships. As a senior, he was named Scholar Athlete of the Year by the Big 12 Conference. A mechanical engineering graduate, Harms was also a finalist for the Tobin Award, presented to UW’s top male graduating senior. He is currently enrolled in graduate school at UW.

A student assistant in the Cowboy Joe Club, Craddock recruited 88 new members to the Cowboy Joe Club during the club’s new member drive.  A former team captain of the Spirit Squad, she assists with outreach via the golf series, serves as Wildcatter host during home football games, assisted in coordinating WYO Night at the Rockies, helps the CJC marketing efforts through social media and design of the donor guide.  A volunteer tutor for the Athletic Department, she was a finalist for the Spitaleri Award, presented to UW’s outstanding graduating female student. 

A student assistant with Cowboy Football since 2015, Hall works primarily in the recruiting area.  His duties include multiple mailings, updating the recruiting database, and providing information and tours to prospective student-athletes. He also provides assistance to the Wyoming Football Video Operations staff by filming practices and games, and works with the Office of Academic Support as a tutor for football student-athletes.

            The Admiral Land awards have been a special part of Homecoming since 1953.  They were established as a tribute to distinguished UW alumnus Admiral Emory S. Land, class of 1898.  Land was a World War II Shipping Administrator and head of the U.S. Maritime Service.  At UW, he was a member of the first football team and four of the first five teams in school history.

Following are the previous Admiral Land Award & Trophy Winners:

     Year               Admiral Land Award                            Admiral Land Trophy
1953 Paul Carlin, Track                                                            
1954 George Galuska, Football
1955 Bob Jingling, Baseball
1956 Joe Capua, Basketball
1957 Jim Crawford, Football
1958 C.T. “Wimp” Hewgley
1959 Harold Farmer, Football & Track                                    Janice Elmer
1960 Dick Ballinger, Wrestling                                                Mary Jones
1961 Jerry Hill, Football                                                           Dave Bonner
1962 Chuck Lamson, Football                                                 Gene Bryan
1963 Bob Hanson, Basketball                                                 Judy King
1964 Mack Balls, Football                                                       Joan Selmer
1965 Flynn Robinson, Basketball                                            John Hursh
1966 Bob Dinges, Football                                                       Babette Numon & Harold Blumenthal
1967 Mike Gregorio, Cross Country                                         Phil White, Jr.
1968 Mike Eberle, Basketball                                                  Carl Hanson & Jim York
1969 Bruce Jennings, Skiing                                                    Bill Hill
1970 Stan Dodds, Basketball                                                   Debbie Hardy
1971 Roy Wilson, Basketball                                                   Mary Ann Gorman & Don Bogdan
1972 Gary Fox, Football                                                          Kathy Hunt & Larry Bresso
1973 Staale Engen, Skiing                                                        The UW Marching Band
1974 Steve Cockreham, Football                                            Michelle Green & Bill Yost
1975 Jody Sloan, Wrestling                                                     The UW Pep Band
1976 Bill Ewing, Baseball                                                        Steve Prosinski
1977 Christine Brown, Women’s Athletics                             Sally Shurmur
1978 Kathy Merklin, Women’s Athletics                                 Randall Luthi
1979 Ross Houston, Skiing                                                      Pete Kuhn
1980 Geir Kvernmo, Track/Skiing                                            Cynthia Fester
1981 Charles Bradley, Basketball                                            Bob Ihle
1982 Phil Davis, Football; Bill Garnett, Basketball                  Mike Larson & Mark Netzel
1983 Lynn Stetson, Swimming; Stacy Ward, Skiing                Scott Roberts
1984 Wes Gasner, Wrestling; Mary Shea, Volleyball              Bill Lamberty
1985 Joe Ramunno, Football; Kathy Romsa, Track;                                Annie Easterbrook
Becky Simning, Skiing                                                                                     
1986 Mike Hamel, Wrestling; Shari Ahola, Skiing                   Audrey Waldock
1987 Jim Walter, Baseball                                                       Mike Chisholm
1988 Mark Miller, Swimming; Ronda Munger, Volleyball              Patrick Stolz
1989 Randy Welniak, Football                                                Amy Dimond & Ron Loghry
1990 Darcy Cudaback, Volleyball;                                           Kevin Rochlitz
& John Wodny, Cross Country                        
1991 Shelly Thacker, Track & Field; Rob Clayton, Swimming          Jeff Ketron
1992 David McCleave, Golf;                                                    UW Marching Band
Dave Myers, Wrestling;
Reginald Slater, Basketball                                                                             
1993 Scarlett Gustin, Basketball;                                            Wildfire Dance Team
Mike Abbey, Track & Field                                             
1994 Kiesa Fornstrom, Swimming                                          Noah Buckley, John Carr & Brian Madden
1995 Amy Burnett, Basketball;                                               Karen Schatz
Ryan Christopherson, Football       
1996 Joe Cummings, Football;                                                Doug Hoffman
Tom Hickenlooper, Wrestling        
1997 Shilo Mathill, Wrestling                                                  Kevin Koerwitz
1998 Brian Lee, Football                                                          Dusty Clements
1999 Mark Winninger, Wrestling                                            Mark Gibbs
2000 Corey Hamrick, Wrestling                                              Baend Buus
2001 Joe Hall, Track & Field                                                    Abi Gerhard
2002 Oscar Delgado, Diving                                                     Will LeDoux & Shalee McCue
2003                        Josh Rollins, Football                                                      Mark Krug
2004                        Casey Bramlet, Football                                                  Keven Gibbs                                            
2005                        Shauna Smith, Track, & Scott Usher, Swimming           Jason Wasserburger
        2006                         Bryce Leonhardt, Wrestling                                           David Primus
        2007                         Kevin Bretting, Diving                                                     Mark Bock
        2008                         Hanna Zavecz, Basketball                                               Eric Whiting & Shelley Heward
        2009                         Ward Dobbs, Football, & Amanda Lathrop, Soccer                 Sean Valentine
       2010                        Emily Huth, Diving                                                          Kellen Little
        2011             Aubrey Vandiver, Basketball & Chris Prosinski, Football            Andy Chapman & Nick Kinney
        2012                         Joe LeBlanc, Wrestling                                                   Ali Galey and Ryan Freeman
         2013      Alfonso Hernandez, Wrestling, & Chaundra Sewell, Basketball       Katie Stout and Steven Sundberg
        2014                           Morgan Hartigan-Calhoon, Swimming & Diving           Jami Baker
         2015        Erin Kirby, Volleyball/Track & Field; Larry Nance, Jr., Basketball;    Cory Fields
& Shane Woods, Wrestling
2016                          Tanner Harms, Wrestling                                                Cassandra Craddock & Patrick Hall