Kevin's Commentary: Building Something Special

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There were a little over 24,000 faithful at last Saturday night’s epic game in War Memorial Stadium.

Five or 10 years from now, there will be 50,000 who’ll say they were there.  That’s how it goes.

It might be difficult to gauge just how big an impact Wyoming’s victory over Boise State had on the brand.  Craig Bohl always talks about a program needing a “signature win”. There may be another down the road, but Saturday night had signature written all over it.

I have seen very few Cowboy wins in War Memorial as big as that one, especially given where the program has been.  The national attention it garnered was amazing, made even greater by the world of social media. (Safety Dance is one example).  It was fun, it was exciting, and it was a huge memory.

That perpetual question remains, why weren’t there more in the stadium?  Why wasn’t War Memorial overflowing for a game of that magnitude? There are many theorists who attempt answering that question, we will not belabor it here.

The crowd that was in the stadium last Saturday was terrific and played a big part in fueling that emotional victory while looking exceptionally well for national television. I’m sure many who could not make it for good reason, wish they could have been there.

Here’s the point.  If you missed last week’s memory-maker, you’re getting another chance Saturday.    The nation’s best collegiate football story hosts another game in War Memorial Stadium Saturday night at 8:15 p.m.  Good seats are available, grab them while you can!  If you’re able, don’t sit at home on the couch, be a part of something very special.   

Utah State is up next, the latest conference opponent on the schedule to have embarrassed Wyoming while it was down. The 2016 Cowboys have done an excellent job in the payback-for-past-lumps category. We’ll find out Saturday evening if that run can continue.     

In case you had forgotten, Utah State hung 58 on the Pokes a year ago. You can bet these current Cowboys haven’t forgotten.

As they say, that was then, this is now.  This remarkable campaign of 2016 rolls on, and is doing so quickly.  Saturday is already the ninth game of the season. Isn’t it crazy how fast the fun seasons fly by, while the bad seasons trudge on endlessly. There are only two more opportunities remaining for you to see this team. . . Saturday, and November 19, when San Diego State comes to town.

What happened last week—we’ll never forget it--and what we are seeing this season are what make the world of athletics so great.  A team that lost all but two games last year, was beaten by an average of three touchdowns in its 10 losses, and surrendered 30 or more points in eight of those losses, has turned its fortunes around. Within one winter conditioning period, one spring training session, one summer and one fall camp, things have changed, although the process really began before that. As Bohl always says, it is a process. 

What makes this team different?

There are outstanding leaders and playmakers within every unit of this team. Thanks to a special resolve, and that leadership, these Cowboys are producing a magical year. They have bought into the mentality that they must be focused on going 1-0 each week. They are confident, steadfast, and they rarely lose their poise. They believe in the system, and they believe in each other.

During four of their victories, the Pokes were down by as many as 14 points. They were behind in the Boise State game by 14, twice. They trailed CSU by 11, and Northern Illinois by 10.  In past seasons those deficits would have likely spelled doom.  Not with this team.  This Wyoming team just keeps coming.

If you haven’t had the chance, or even if you have, you ought to come watch these Cowboys play. They need you, and this Saturday night against Utah State is your next opportunity. There’s something very special happening at 7,220. You should experience it. I guarantee you’ll enjoy yourself.