Student-Athlete Affairs Hosts Learning the Ropes

Sept. 30, 2013

LARAMIE, Wyo. - The Student-Athlete Affairs program hosted its first annual "Learning the Ropes" Panel Discussion for freshmen student-athletes to assist with the sometimes strenuous transition from high school to college. Topics discussed included behavior and how to navigate the campus environment, the good and the bad. The panel was designed to educate student-athletes about the pressures, pitfalls, and issues that freshmen encounter. Accountability and responsibility was echoed by every panelist and encouraged the student-athletes to behave in a mature manner.

The panelist were Tori Kricken (Adjunct Prof. in the College of Business/Law, District/Circuit Judge, and State Attorney), Mike Samp (Chief of UWPD), Jenny Brundage (Area Coordinator in Res. Life), Hannah Diebold (Residence Coordinator in Res. Life), Kirk Goodwin (recent Law school graduate and tutor/mentor in the OAS), Chaundra Sewell (Former Women's Basketball Student-Athlete currently in Pharmacy School).

Steven Cox - Academic Coordinator
"We are very fortunate to have people willing to take time out of their busy schedule to speak to our student-athletes in their specific areas. The freshman year is very tough on different levels and there are nuggets of information that I wish people would have told me. I know our panelist made an impact on the lives of the student-athletes and we are grateful for them."

Tori Kricken - Adjunct Prof. in the College of Business/Law, District/Circuit Judge, and State Attorney
"Incoming college athletes are faced with a variety of obstacles, some of which are unique to them. In presenting at "Learning the Ropes," it was my hope to encourage these student-athletes to become educated in the opportunities they have to be successful in their college careers. Whether it be in a legal sense, an academic sense, or an overall community-related approach to integrating into the University of Wyoming, I believe that the information we provided was beneficial. I was pleased to see so many individuals take an active role in learning about the challenges of college life and the best ways to succeed."

Mike Samp - Chief of University Police Department
"The panel provided information from several different perspectives on the role of a student-athlete on campus. Student-athletes are often under significant pressure to perform not only in their particular athletic venue, but in the classroom as well. Often times they are under more public and media scrutiny for their behaviors than a non-student-athlete, particularly if they get involved in one or more of the pitfalls that new students encounter. The most common issues that can cause disruption of a student-athlete's ability to succeed are alcohol violations and relationship or sexual violence. Hopefully the students took something positive away from the panel to help them avoid getting involved in those negative behaviors."

Kyle Pope - Freshman Wrestler - Bakersfield, Calif.
"Going to this event really helped other athletes and me understand the consequences of not following the law. As members of the University Wyoming sports teams, it is extremely important for us to represent the university well. At this event, we received great advice from many people who highly impact our community. I think it was a great reminder to all student-athletes."

Casey Duckworth - Freshman Swimmer - Costa Mesa, Calif.
"I think the information they shared about resources available can be very important if we have any problems in the future. It is good to know there are so many people working beside us wanting to help!"