Athlete of the Week Archive

Jan. 11, 2008


Emily Huth

What is your favorite dive?
"It changes a lot but right now I like the back group the most. Back one and a half straight on three-meter is a really fun dive."

What is your least favorite dive?
"I really don't like doing the inward group. That group is just scary. It is scary to throw toward the board."

Have you ever hit the board with your hands or feet?
"Yes I have hit the board quite a few times. I haven't really done it since I got to college but in high school I hit my feet a lot and I hit my hands a couple of times. Nothing really serious but I have bled a bunch."

Which is your favorite board, the one-meter, three-meter or platform?
"One-meter is probably my strongest event and I usually compete pretty well on it. I don't like platform so definitely not that one. It is a lot different than springboard. Since we don't have a platform to train on I am not very comfortable on it. If we trained year round on platform I am sure I would like it more. It is just kind of scary to get to a meet and have to learn a list right before competing."

What hurts more a belly or back flop?
"Eww... That's a tough one. They both knock the wind out of you about the same but when you do a front flop you smack your face which doesn't feel very good. I would say they are about the same but I don't like hitting my face so I would probably say a belly flop is worse."

In a dual meet, what do you do when you have to sit through the swimming events between your diving events?
"I try no to think about the diving too much because I like to make it as low stress as possible. The swimming is fun to watch and is easy to get into. It is fun to cheer on the team and get excited for the swimmers."

What is your routine between dives with drying off and getting into the poolside showers?
"Our pool is pretty cool so the warm showers are really nice to have. When you dry off it really warms you up so I always do that as well. It is also less slippery when you are dry and you don't want to be slippery and slip out of a dive. I don't dry off a ton except for my really scary dives. However, I like to have my hands a little wet which is just something I like to do."

Is there a diver that you look up to or try to pattern your diving after?
"I don't know if there has ever been just one person. On my team back home, two divers that were older than me went to the Olympics so that was really neat to see. It is fun to dive with people who are that talented and to learn from them. We dove with some great divers and some Olympians during our Christmas training trip last week so that was very cool."

How did you get into diving?
"I think when I was around nine I really liked watching diving on TV and thought it was really cool so my mom signed me up. I remember when I started I didn't really like it and didn't think I would keep doing it but now it has been like 10 years and I am still going."

Being from Salt Lake City, did you think about going to the University of Utah?
"I didn't really want to go there and I wanted to get away so Wyoming worked out. I was ready for something new."

What is your pre-meet meal?
"I just eat whatever. I do usually have a granola bar or some kind of snack between events. I don't like to be really hungry or really full. One time before practice I went to Fat Burrito and that was the worst thing I have ever done. Since you have to bend and flip so much while diving having a full stomach is the worst. It is so uncomfortable and doesn't feel good at all. I was miserable."

What is your favorite post meet meal?
"I really like eating pasta after a meet. It just feels right."

Do you have any sort of pre-meet rituals?
"I try not to think about it too much. I don't like to build things up in my head so I just try to relax, listen to music and hang out with people. Before we warm up I just try to move around and get loose. That is when I start thinking about it and trying to get in the zone I guess."

What is on your recently played list on your IPod?
"I don't know, probably country. I like country and also girly music."