Athlete of the Week Archive

Jan. 16, 2009


Tyler Miller

If you could add one thing to collegiate diving to make it more entertaining, what would it be?
"I think doing a dive for distance would be pretty fun to watch. Maybe a belly-flop contest (although that happens accidentally from time to time, hahaha)."

What is on your `Bucket List'?
"Climbing all 54 of Colorado's 14,000ft+ mountains. I've gotten around 20 so far. I would also love to go storm chasing and see a tornado up-close."

What is your favorite weight room lift?
"Squats for sure. I love the adrenaline rush when we squat heavy."

What town/city did you enjoy going to for a diving event the most?
"I would have to say the University of Arizona in Tucson, Ariz. for a couple reasons. For one, there were cactus (or is it cacti?) everywhere! They were just as common as trees are here. Secondly, the meet was held at their brand new outdoor diving facility. They had just put the finishing touches on it two weeks prior to the meet. It was in the 80s one of the days and I got burned pretty bad. You feel like you are flying when you dive outside!"

If you could be a member of any band, who would it be and what would you play?
"I'd be Mike Kroeger of Nickelback and play the bass. I'd have to play it guitar hero-style since I have yet to figure out how to play stringed instruments, haha."

What is your favorite dive to perform? Least favorite?
"I'd say my favorite dive to perform is front 3.5 on three-meter. It's a lot of flipping and I usually have time to come out and rip it (make little splash). My least favorite is inward 2.5 on the seven-meter platform. Sometimes, it feels like you get close to hitting the platform as you pass by it and there's a long way to fall."

Out of all the UW swimmers, who would make the best diver?
"Haha, I don't know. I've seen Matt Urich dive and he has pretty good form for a swimmer. He seems to be the only that comes over after practice to attempt a dive or two."

What was the first job you had?

What is your favorite pro sports team?
"I'm gonna have to go with the Denver Broncos."

Why do divers use shammy (if that's what they are called, haha) towels?
"Yep, they're called shammys. We use them to dry off so that our hands don't slip off of our shins when we get into a tuck or pike position in a dive. It's not fun to slip out of a dive in mid-air, trust me."

Have you ever used your shammy towel for anything else?
"There's a bunch of cool things you can do with a shammy. My personal favorite is tossing/spinning it horizontally like a chef spins pizza dough."

Do you have a favorite color of shammy towel that you use, or do you switch up colors?
"I have a big green shammy that I use for practice/home meets and I have a smaller yellow one that I use for away meets. That way I don't have to worry about keeping track of having a shammy for home meets/practice or for away meets. I don't have a color preference."

When swimming is going on, what do you do to keep yourself entertained at meets?
"I have a great time watching the races. I like to give swimmers a goal time before they race and see if they come close to it. Swim Coach Kelly said that I'm the only diver she's known who takes interest in the splits/times from the races, haha."

So far, what is the one thing you will take away from diving that you can use in life?
"Confidence. Knowing that you are capable of doing a dive (and doing it well) going into a meet is the key to performing at your maximum. That has been the hardest thing for me to learn in collegiate diving, but it has also been the most rewarding. With confidence, you can do anything you put your mind to."

Why do divers shower off after each dive when they will just be getting back into the water?
"We're just trying to stay warm and relaxed. At meets, I tend to get cold and tense from nerves and I get jittery from adrenaline. A hot shower is great for relieving nerves and staying calm."