Athlete of the Week Archive

Feb. 4, 2009


Eli Bell

Including coaches, who on the team has the best facial hair? The worst?
"Me, Alex Larkin and Devin Hougardy probably compete for the best facial hair. And the worst is probably a toss-up between Tyler Kybartas, Baby Bryan (Shears) and Fischer."

Describe the emotions when you beat both Utah and BYU in their pools this season?
"It was just down right fun."

Is there any trash talking in the sport of swimming?
"Of just have to be able to back it up if you want any respect."

What town/city have you enjoyed going to the most for a meet?
"Vegas for sure."

If you could change anything to the sport of swimming what would it be?
"Less mornings (workouts)."

Have you ever raced someone in a lake?
"At the Loveland Lake Swim on the 4th of July."

If you could own a restaurant, what kind would it be?
"A steakhouse."

If you could choose the type of music that was played in the pool during practice, what would it be?
"Hard rock."

What do you TiVo? Or what are the shows you try not to miss?
"The Office."