Athlete of the Week Archive

Feb. 4, 2010


Mark Murdock

In a season, give us a rough estimate on how many dives you do. (Practice and competition)
"Around 14000."

How many different dives do you know?
"I know all the dives that have been put in the dive book and some that I have created on my own by complete accident."

Do you know of any divers that are afraid of heights?
"Yes, I know several divers that are afraid of heights. Platform is not their favorite."

In the dryland facility, do you ever do super hero tricks when your pulled up on the ropes?
"I used to when in gymnastics, but here I use it to do tricks that are extremely difficult. For example, front four and a half somersaults tuck."

If you could choose a fourth board in competition what would it be?
"I would choose a spring board at ten meters."

If you could write a statement on your chest using body paint what would it say?
"Why cover the bases, when you can dive in a score!"

Where is Flower Mound, Texas and how did it get its name?
"It's about 30 miles northwest of Dallas, Teaxs. It got its name from a 12.5-acre mound located in the southern portion of the town which is covered by wild flowers."

Who is your favorite diver of all-time?
"Dmitri Sautin."

What is the last movie you went to see in theaters?
"When in Rome."

When you can, what is your favorite fast-food place?

If there was a diving distance competition, who on the team would win?
"Kyle Bogner. He has the highest jump out of the team, but during a dive, probably Tino Schwarz."

What is the ideal weight for a diver?
"Really depends on the diver, but 200 pounds would be pushing it."

How much do you weight soaking wet?
"Depends on what I am wearing."

Growing up what was your favorite cartoon?
"Beast Wars."

Have you ever tried to jump off the three-meter board and touch the roof in Corbett?
"Yes, but I was closer to the pool wall than the roof."