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Feb. 18, 2011


Athlete of the Week

Lauren Hewson

Is there one song that you listen to before every race?
"Ragtime Cowboy Joe... Duh"

If you could play another sport what would it be? Why?
"Curling, because instead of getting in the water I can run on top of frozen water :-)"

What is your all-time favorite movie?
"Grease because I know the words to every song."

What are your future plans as a Communication major?
"I don't have any future plans so far but how many college kids actually have it all figured out?"

What do you miss most about Estes Park?
"I miss the elk waking me up in the morning. However, I don't miss the wind because believe it or not it is worse back home than here in Laramie."

What is the best part about having a twin on the same team as you?
"If I forget my goggles or swim suit I always have a backup and I have twice the suit collection."

What is your favorite thing to do in Laramie during your free time?
"Play Michael Jackson the Experience on Wii (I DOMINATE my sister Kenzie)."

If you were stranded on an island and could take three things with you, what would you take?
"I would take a boat so I could leave (is that cheating), water and sunscreen."

Who is your celebrity crush?
"Justin Bieber- I have the fever"

What would Wyoming fans be surprised to know about you?
"If there are any dairy farmers in Wyoming I want their numbers, because Kenzie and I go through gallons of milk and ice cream every week."

What is one of the most memorable moments you have of the Cowgirl swim team?
"One of the most memorable moments I have had so far is walking into Corbett and seeing all of the records taken down that we had broken throughout the season."

Who is your idol?
"My mom"

Being part of SAAC and being a captain, does that add more stress on you? Or do you enjoy being involved in so much?
"Being so involved adds a little bit more to my plate, but I find my role as captain and being involved in SAAC very rewarding and worth the time and effort."

Between you and your twin Kenzie... Who is a faster texter? Who is a better driver? Who spends more time on facebook?
"Kenzie is the faster texter and better driver, but the more important thing is spending time on facebook and I definitely beat her at that!"

What are your goals for the conference championships?
"At the conference championships, my goal is to beat my personal best times in each of my races."

Do you have any plans for spring break?
"I am going to my dad's house in Mesa, Ariz. where I plan on getting some sun and going to spring training games. Go Rockies!"