Athlete of the Week Archive

March 10, 2006


Kevin Bretting

How long have you been diving?
"Since around 7th grade. Probably about nine years."

Do you have any other hobbies?
"Swing dancing. I learned how when I got to college. I picked it up pretty quickly and I'm now actually the president of the swing club. It's probably the most fun thing I do."

What does a typical day look like for you as a member of the Cowboy diving team?
"Go to class, go to practice, go back to class, go to lift weights and maybe some swing dancing."

What are you goals for the upcoming NCAA Zone `E' Diving Championships?
"I just want to dive well, and dive competitively. If I do make a final and I am one of the top eight I'd be really happy with that. As long as I compete well I will be happy."

What's it like for you to prepare for the platform, when there's not platform for you to practice on day in and day out?
"The platform actually scares me quite a bit. Over Christmas training I was able to get up there and conquer my fears and learn some stuff. Now that I know I'm a better diver than I was my freshman year I'm not as afraid of the platform as I was. My confidence in diving has made the platform more fun than it is scary."

You have improved every year of your career at UW; what do you attribute that to and what are your expectations for the future?
"Well I attribute a lot to just always thinking about diving. Last summer I was a coach and even though I didn't get on the boards very much I learned a lot and stayed involved enough to keep my muscle memory. I also take really good care of my body and that helps. In addition I think my coach (Ben Herdt) has really helped me a lot with my technique. I finally have confidence when I am spinning and I can see my spots and my coach has really helped me with that."

What's your major? Plans after college?
"I am a Kinesiology major with a minor in Psychology. After I am done with school I am not really sure what I want to do yet. I might go into research, I might go into physical therapy and I might go to chiropractic school. I know I would like to coach for sure."