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Oct. 18, 2010


Athlete of the Week

Tyler Kybartas

How long have you been swimming for and what got you interested in the sport?
"I've actually been swimming since I was 12. I got interested in the sport because it was something to do in the summer."

If you could change or add anything to the sport of swimming what would it be and why?
"No water and no physical activity of any kind. I'm always tired."

What would be your ideal place to practice during the winter and why?
"A hot tub because it is hot."

If you could swim anywhere in the world where would it be?
"The Great Barrier Reef, because it is so great...and has lots of barriers."

How would your team describe you?
"To legit to quit."

What do you miss most about your hometown Tucson, Ariz.?
"The weather in the winter."

What goes through your mind when your goggles fall of during a race?

Do your eyebrows fall off because you are in the chlorine so much?
" sucks!"

How much food do you eat in one sitting during the swim season?
"All of it!"

How did the Hakka dance originate as a Cowboy Swimming tradition?
"It came from Brett Henehan on our team. He is from New Zealand and it is a Maori tradition."

What would a typical day look like for you during the season?
"Wake up at 5:15 ish for practice, then school all day, then afternoon practice from 3-6, then homework after that till I go to bed."

Lady GaGa fan?
"That's kind of a touchy subject!"

What would fans be surprised to know about you?
"I wear a speedo to class."

How do you recover so fast from back-to-back meets?
"I do not recover!"

Do you participate in the `no shaving before conference' ritual?
"I try but I can't grow any hair on my face."

The LZR Racer Suit (pronounced as "laser") has been banned by the NCAA - what are your thoughts on this?
"I don't like it..."

What are you planning on dressing up as for Halloween?
"My roommates and I are dressing up as N'Sync."