Athlete of the Week Archive

Oct. 19, 2007


Levi Bell

What is your major?

What events do you swim?
"Everything but backstroke. 100, 200 Breaststroke, 200 IM, 400 IM if I need to. I started swimming the 200 free last year and I also swim the 100 free on the relay. Also, the 100 fly and 200 fly."

What is your favorite event?
"The 100 breast is my favorite right now."

What are your goals for the season?
"I'd like to make an NCAA `B' (provisional) cut. An `A' cut would be better, but we'll shoot for the `B' first."

When did you start swimming?
"I swam summer club growing up with my brothers at the local pool. We'd go to meets and eat Skittles and nachos, and only swim 800 yards a day. I didn't start swimming club until my sophomore year in high school. So I've been swimming for about eight years now."

How is it swimming with your brother, Eli?
"We've swam together our whole life, so it's fun having him around. People always ask if it's hard, and it's not. We swim different stuff for the most part, so it's not a big conflict. I just started swimming freestyle last year, so he knows he can beat me in the 100 and 200 free."

What is your favorite part about traveling?
"Per diem. Ha ha ha! Actually, it's fun going to the different pools. It's really nice swimming at all the nice facilities. Trips are just fun."

We see you at a lot of Cowgirl Volleyball matches. Tell us about why you like volleyball so much?
"It's just fun. The whole swim team is usually there which makes it a lot of fun. We used to print off the line-ups for the other team so we could be obnoxious and just yell at the other team. We just recently realized that there are rosters at every game so now we don't have to do any research."

Tell us about Coach T.J. Johnson's coffee intake.
"Oh gosh, he drinks that by the pot not by the cup. He fills up his Nalgene bottle and brings it to practice every morning. By the third practice of the day I bet he's drank six Nalgene's full of coffee."

Describe what it feels like when it's the middle of January, ten below zero, at 6 in the morning and you have to practice.
"I hate mornings to start out with, and I hate having to jump in a cold pool. I'd say that if you ask, 90 percent of the swim team says they hate swimming at that time of the day."

What are your favorite goggles to wear?
"I like wearing Swedish goggles. They are the ones with no padding, so it's just plastic against your face."

Do you have any pre-meet rituals?
"I just like to get some sleep the night before. I'm pretty busy during the week, but I get done with class early on Friday and always try to squeeze a nap in."

What are you listening to on your iPod right now?
"Cake, Rage Against the Machine and Ben Harper."

Chipotle or Qdoba?
"Probably Qdoba."

Tell us about the Air Force/Wyoming Helmet.
"A long time ago, some guys from Air Force stole the helmet from another school. After a while, someone on the Wyoming team stole it from Air Force and decorated it with Wyoming stuff. The helmet is now decorated half Air Force and half Wyoming. So now there is a tradition between the Air Force and Wyoming men's team that who ever wins the meet, gets to keep the helmet for that year."