Athlete of the Week Archive

Nov. 5, 2008


Stephanie Vint

If you could add one thing to the sport of swimming what would it be and why? (Such as legalizing fins, or combining diving and swimming into one event, or adding events like `underwater breath holding', etc...)
"There would be no such events at as the 400 IM and the 200 butterfly, since I swim them a lot and they hurt everytime."

When on the road do you go to the pool or hot tub at the hotel? Or do you avoid water when you don't have to be in it?
"I don't avoid water, I love the beach, lakes and swimming pools/jacuzzis. But on the road I am usually too tired since a hot tub drains your energy for the meet."

Have you ever raced someone in a lake?
"Yes, and in the ocean."

When was the last time your goggles filled up with water or fell off while racing?
"It's maybe been about a year since they have filled with water... knock on wood...."

Have you ever worn your goggles as sunglasses?
"No, but I do get very dark goggles. I swim outside at home and it keeps out the sun."

What do you eat during the swim meet and why? Or do you?
"I usually eat a big breakfast and eat very little at the actual meet. I only eat a Power Bar or Cliff Bar and drink Gatorade until the meet is over."

If you could design a swim cap what would be on it?
"Some silly saying to make me laugh."

Have you ever worn your swim cap outside of the pool?
"For silly costumes, yes."

Do you have any superstitions before getting into the pool?
"Not really any superstitions, but I do the same stretches and the same thing with my goggles before a race just out of habit. I have been doing this for fifteen years so most things have just grown into habit."

What is your favorite pool work-out? Least favorite?
"I like workouts that are different than normal. I don't like doing too much of one stroke or one thing. I love variety. My least favorite workouts are the ones I can predict before I even get there, just because it is what we always do."

What do you have hanging on the walls in your bedroom? (posters, photos, deer antlers, etc...)
"Posters!!! Mostly of the beach to remind me of home. I always miss the beach. Also I have lots and lots of pictures, and brightly colored objects."

If you could be a member of any band, who would it be and what would you play?
"Probably Coldplay, just because they are one of my favorite bands at the moment and then I wouldn't have to pay to see them. I would do something small so I could mostly watch."

What do you TiVo? Or what shows do you try your best not to miss?
"Dexter, Grey's Anatomy, and silly shows like One Tree Hill. The ones that entertain me the most are; That 70's Show, Friends and other funny sitcoms."

If you could own a restaurant, what kind would it be?
"A Mexican restaurant with the best tacos. None of that pre-made shell stuff, real tacos.... and amazing salsa!!!"