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Nov. 7, 2006


Qwest Wyoming Home

John Lynch

When did you start diving and what attracted you to the sport?
"I started diving my freshman year of high school and I had played soccer before, but my high school didn't have soccer, so I thought flipping off the board sounded like fun."

What brought you to the University of Wyoming?
"The coach that was here before Ben, I liked him a lot and basically it was because of that. I really liked the coach so I came here."

What stands out to you as most memorable during your career here at UW?
"I would have to say, making First-Team All-Conference my freshman year. A diver that I looked up to a lot was Adam Miller; he was a senior when I was a sophomore and we talked a lot about how he and I had not previously received All-Conference and then we both got it at the same time."

Do you have any kind of pre-meet rituals?
"No, I warm up like most divers and then I like to kind of play around a little bit on the diving board and do some goofy stuff so that I can kind of relax and calm my nerves and then just listen to some music."

What your favorite kind of music to listen to before you dive?
"An Olympic diver named Laura Wilkinson, she used to listen to Kryptonite by 3 Doors Down and she would replay the song through every single dive, so that's what I do."

What are you thinking about when you're on the board, getting ready to attempt a dive?
"I try not to think about anything because I have found that if I think to much, then it doesn't turn out too well. I just try and let my body do what it's been trained to do."

During the dive, what do you try and focus on?
"I focus on my spots a lot. When you're flipping around doing three flips, the most important thing is to not land on your stomach, so I try and make sure that I know where up and down is and I look for the water so that I can come and make solid hit."

What do you attribute the success of Wyoming diving in last few years to?
"I would say the competitive nature of my teammates. The girls and the guys are all competitive. We all want to win, and we hate losing. So, we try to push each other on. It's just the nature of Cowboy diving and Cowboy swimming for that matter.

What CD are you currently listening to?
"Kryptonite by 3 Doors Down."

What is your favorite meal?
"Steak and baked potato."

What hurts the worst when you miss a dive?
"Oh, landing on your back, definitely. There's just not as much muscle there and it hurts."