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Nov. 20, 2006


Qwest Wyoming Home

Erin Spadinger

What brought you to the University of Wyoming?
"The closeness of the team and the coach; as well as, Laramie. I had the opportunity to visit Vedauwoo when I first got here and I really enjoyed it because it's different from where I'm from."

Wyoming has been known for its breaststroke, what do you attribute that to and what is it like to continue that tradition?
"I attribute that to good recruiting. Our coach was a breaststroker in college so I think that helps. We have a really tight group and that allows for us have good, solid practices."

You are a part of a great group of ten seniors, what has it been like spending your entire career with a group like this?
"I would say that they are like family; brothers and sisters. I really enjoy them and I couldn't ask for a better group of people to spend my four years of college swimming with."

How did you end up with the nickname "Spaz", who gave it to you and what do you think of it?
"I ended up with the nickname `Spaz' because my coach saw me dancing during a weight workout and I guess it was really spastic. The name kind of stuck and I actually really enjoy it; it's fun and I've had it ever since. Plus my last name is Spadinger, so I guess it's kind of close."

What is the coldest pool you have swum in?
"Epic Pool I think is really cold. That's where CSU swims and hold their competitions. Also, Notre Dame's pool was pretty cold. It's good to train in a cold pool because you don't overheat, but when you're racing, the first 25 yards are really cold."

What is the last CD that you bought?
"Um, I would have to say, Jason Aldene. I'm a country music fan."

What is your most memorable race?
"Last year at the conference meet was the first time that we beat CSU, so that was really memorable. Also, Lindsey and I were able to do well at the conference meet last year, so that was really fun. This year though, I would have to say that beating TCU the way we did was pretty significant; especially since they beat us last year in the dual and at the conference meet."

What are you plans for after you're finished swimming at UW?
"After school, I plan on going to graduate school, depending on where that is. If I do, I'll be getting my Master's Degree in `Imperialism'. If I don't go to grad school, then I'll probably start teaching right away."

What is your favorite TJ saying?
"'Stupid fast! You guys gotta' go stupid fast'"

If you could play another sport at Wyoming, what would it be?
"I would definitely be a track person. I ran track all through high school and I think after I'm done swimming, I want to keep running."

How much pool water do you think you've swallowed in your life?
"Probably enough to fill a regular pool and everything that comes with pool water, haha."