Athlete of the Week Archive

Nov. 21, 2007


Cassie Stelow

How did you end up at Wyoming, coming all the way from Oneida, Wisconsin?
"I came on a recruiting trip and I just really liked it here. Also, both of my parents went to Wyoming."

Have you always been a sprinter or did you swim other events growing up and through high school?
"When I was younger, and in high school, I did basically everything. I didn't start training for sprinting until I got to Wyoming."

With sprinting being a little different than other events, in that you only having a length or two to swim, how do you prepare yourself for a race?
"It is more intense. If you mess up your start, you mess up your whole race so you have to make sure everything is perfect from the beginning. We also warm up less than everyone else and do stuff like jump rope to get loose."

What is going through you mind when you are on the blocks just before a race?
"I just clear my mind, wait for the buzzer and go."

What is different about the training regiment for a sprinter, compared to the training for the rest of the swim team?
"We do a lot more sprint specific work like 50s, 100s and test sets. In test sets we go all out and then rest for like ten minutes so it is more like a racing environment."

What is the worst training exercise that you do?"I hate hypoxic (low oxygen) training. We do stuff like work on holding our breath underwater for an entire length of the pool."

Can you describe a typical day for you during the swim season?
"We get up and lift from 6-7 in the morning and then swim. We then eat breakfast and go to class. After class we come back and practice again and then we usually have more class in the afternoon."

How are things different so far in your sophomore season than they were for you last year as a freshman?
"There is more pressure this year. As a freshman, you can get away with things because you are a freshman but now you have to step up and swim fast since you have been through a year."

What is your favorite place that you have traveled with the team?
"I really liked going to the Texas Invite last year in Austin."

After a grueling workout, what is your favorite thing to eat to refuel?
"I really like bagels and cream cheese. For some reason that just tastes great after practice."

If you are the number one seed in one of the sprinting events at the MWC Championships this year and you get to pick what song gets played when you are announced, what song do you pick?
"Right now, I would have to say Stronger by Kanye West."

What is your favorite thing to do during Thanksgiving?
"I just like to eat a lot of turkey and then sleep."

If you were doing one other sport other than swimming, what would it be?

When you are swimming a race, can you pay attention to the things the coaches and your teammates are yelling at you from the deck?
"No, when you sprint you have no idea what else is going on."

Do you have anything special in your swimming technique that separates you from everybody else?
"Not really other than the fact that I am taller than most everybody else. My stroke rate is really slow."

What is your favorite sport to watch?
"I like football."

Who is your favorite team?
"Since I am from Green Bay, I have to say the Packers."