Athlete of the Week Archive

Dec. 2, 2008


Brett Henehan

If you could change anything about the sport of swimming what would it be?
"The use of an outboard motor would be permitted."

What do you miss the most from home that isn't in Wyoming?
"The food, my van, watching cricket, rugby and league."

What is it like to know that in New Zealand its summer now, but winter here in Wyoming?
"I try not to think about it. You just reminded, me now I'm sad, haha."

How long did it take to get used to the toilet water swirling the other way in America?
"Our toilets don't really swirl they just have water coming from everywhere, but I can't get used to the light switches, they are opposite."

What is your favorite New Zealand T.V. show?
"Pulp Sport or Sports Cafe. They are rather funny."

When you swim the mile, do you ever have a specific thing you always think about, or have a song in your head?
"Mainly just thinking about my pace. Oh and what's for dinner. Actually I think about everything."

Has anyone ever called you a kiwi?
"Yeah it's written on the back of my speedo so everyone calls me Kiwi, haha. They think it's a bad thing but it's not. It's not the fruit it's a bird."

When on the road do you go to the pool or hot tub at the hotel? Or do you avoid water when you don't have to be in it?
"I avoid it till the end of the trip because there is no time normally."

When did you learn the haka dance?
"I have grown up with it and all of our sports teams do it. It's been in New Zealand for hundreds of years."

Who on the team is the best at the dance? The worst?
"I have my back to the team so I'm not really sure, but they all struggle with the words."

What is your least favorite workout? Your favorite?
"The 9100m workout on the 24th is the worst. The best would be the 2000m workout on the 26th."

Have you ever worn your goggles as sunglasses?
"Yes I think I have when I was joking around."

Other than swimming what is your favorite Olympic sport?
"Any sport that New Zealand does well in."