Athlete of the Week Archive

Dec. 23, 2009


Caroline Wells

So far, what has been the best Christmas present you have received?
"My digital camera."

Have you ever given or received a fruitcake as a gift?
"Ick, neither one. If I did get one I think I'd re-gift it as soon as possible."

Who in your family is the hardest to shop for during the holiday season?
"Definitely my brother. Boys are just problems in general."

Who on the team could pull off dressing like Santa Claus and asking kids what they want for Christmas? Who would be the elf?
"I think David (Schmitt) would make a great Santa, and Cassie (Stelow) would be a perfect elf."

Since you compete in the backstroke, do you ever wish there was something more to look at on the ceiling of the pool?
"YES! It would definitely make things more interesting. I think a big screen TV for the ceiling would be a good investment."

If you had to swim a race without either your goggles or cap, which would you go without?
"I think I'd go without my goggles. If I didn't have a cap, my hair would get in the way of my eyes anyway so the goggles wouldn't do any good."

Do you wish there were hot-tubs to relax in, between races?
"That would be heaven!"

In a relay, have you ever had a close call with jumping on a teammate?
"Not that I can remember..."

Since you're from Oregon, how many different kinds of trees could you identify?
"Maybe two, if I'm lucky. I'm not a tree person. I just know that they are everywhere in Oregon, and nowhere in Wyoming."

Fake or real Christmas tree?
"REAL. They make a mess, but they smell wonderful."

With New Year's right around the corner, do you have any New Year's resolutions?
"Not at the moment. I'm sure I will think of something... and with any luck it will last about a week."

You have lived in Wyoming, Oregon and Rhode Island. Are you trying to cover all the areas of the nation to live in?
"Well I have also lived in Virginia and California. So I guess the answer is yes."

Could you find Rhode Island on a map?
"Yes. It's the one that's too small to find."

In the pool area, there are towers with ropes, barrels and pulleys all attached together. Is that some sort of torture system?
"Well the coaches insist it is to help you get better, but it's definitely straight out of a horror movie."

What sort of things do you have on the walls in your bedroom?
"I have pictures of my friends and family. And lots of posters of warm, tropical places, similar to those found in Laramie..."

If you only have 15 minutes to grab lunch, what fast food place do you go to?
"Taco Bell, without hesitation. But sooo regret it afterwards."