Delgado To Compete At World Diving Championships

Jan. 20, 2000


Wyoming sophomore diver OscarDelgado (Covina, Calif.) will compete at the World Diving ChampionshipsJan. 22-29, in Sydney, Australia. Delgado will represent Ecuador at thechampionships. Although Delgado was born in the United States, he hasdual citizenship with Ecuador because his father was born there. Delgadowill be competing in the three-meter springboard event.

The World Championships serve as a pre-Olympic meet, as most everyonecompeting at will also be competing at the 2000 Summer Olympic Games,also held in Sydney.

"I'm really excited about the opportunity to compete at the WorldChampionships," Delgado said. "Diving isn't really a big thing inEcuador, but I kind of made it a goal of mine to compete at this meet soI sent letters to the Ecuadorian Olympic Committee. Ecuador hasmentioned to me that they might send me to some South American meetsbefore the Olympics, like the Pan-Am Games and the South AmericanChampionships and maybe eventually to the 2000 Olympics."

This competition will be the second international meet for Delgado, whoalso competed at the CanaMex Games in 1992. Teams from Canada, Brazil,Ecuador, Mexico, United States and Venezuela competed at those games.

"The Olympics are a realistic goal because there aren't really anyother divers in Ecuador, there are swimmers, but no divers," Delgadosaid. "I had the opportunity to go to the 1996 Olympics, they (Ecuador)came to me, but I decided that I wasn't mentally ready yet.

"It's going to be the biggest meet of my life. The last year it seemslike every few months I'm going to a bigger meet. Last year I made itto the NCAA Championships and then Senior Nationals, which is the meetthe US National Team comes out of."

The top 12 finishers at the World Championships automatically qualifyfor the 2000 Olympics.

"I'm really excited for Oscar to get this opportunity," said Wyomingdiving coach Jason Baumann. "I don't think there is anyone who deservesthis more, he has really worked hard for this and I'm glad he's gettingthe chance to compete at a meet of this magnitude."