Student-Athlete of the Week

February 18, 2013

Athlete of the Week

Jessy Badaracco

You've earned All-Mountain West honors the past two years. What are your goals and outlook for this year's MW Championships?

I would have to say that my goals this year are about the same as the previous years. I hope to earn All-Mountain West honors again. I want to place top eight in every event I swim. I would like to go best times in all of my swims, which I have no doubt in my mind that I will achieve that. My biggest goal is to make NCAAs. I feel like I have a good chance to make it in the 400 IM. I have trained hard all season and I am excited to see the outcome!

Do you have a preference between the butterfly and the individual medley races, or do you enjoy both equally?

That's hard to say! I think I enjoy the Individual medley more, just because you get to switch up each stroke within the race, but then again swimming the 200 fly when you are tapered is amazing! It is really easy; however, swimming the 200 fly up here at altitude untapered is definitely not one of my most favorite things to do!

What is your favorite and least favorite practice drill?

I love fly drills, Head up- head down, 3-3-3, stoneskipper. I could name a million of them! I also love kick drills and under waters. I think the drills I hate the most are kicking with aqua sox. They are like mesh type things that go around your ankles and they just make it extremely hard to kick! If we do those with flutter kick on our stomach and a snorkel, I go NO WHERE! It's the worst!

As a senior, how do you help the younger members of the team?

I am a super sociable person! I love to talk with anyone and listen to any of their problems or concerns. I feel like I help the younger ones by listening to their issues when they are upset and helping them through the tough times. I also feel like I set a good example inside and out with my hard work and dedication. I feel like always trying my hardest and doing my best at anything I do is a good example that the younger ones can follow. I also swim in the boys' lanes and on their intervals so I hope that helps them to strive to be better in their workouts as well.

How long did you live in New York before moving to Bailey, Colo.? What is your favorite thing to do or place to go when you're home in Bailey?

I was born in Warwick, New York, but we lived in Hewitt, New Jersey. It is in the northern Jersey area. All of my relatives still live in Jersey. But my dad moved us to Bailey when I was three years old. Well... Bailey is a very small town. There isn't too much to do in Bailey; there are only two gas stations, a school, post office, and a couple of restaurants! However, I would have to say that a few of my favorite things to do in Bailey was to go hang out with friends outside and do anything! Go on hikes, drive around, or even going rock climbing with my dad. Just enjoying the mountains was good enough for me!

What are your career intentions after you earn a degree in family and consumer sciences?

I am in the dietetics program here at the university and my intentions after earning my degree is to find an internship, take the registered dietitian test and get my license as a Dietitian. I am not sure where I will take an internship, but some of my choices will be in Colorado, back in New Jersey, and maybe Utah. I don't know, there are so many options! Once I get my license as a dietitian I hope to come back to the athletic world and help other athletes strive to their best abilities with the help of a well-balanced diet. I really just want to help others.

You were all-conference and all-state every year in high school on top of swimming at the club level. When did you first start swimming, and when did you discover you could go far in the sport?

Well, I started swimming when I was seven years old. It was a year after my sister. I was always at the pool with her and my mom and I just wanted to be just like her, so my mom signed me up for summer club the next summer. I swam summer club with my sister until I was 13 years old and went year-round from then until I graduated and came here! I always had a dream of swimming for a division one college so that was the major reason why I moved to year-round swimming. It was just a more intense program that really helped develop my talent. Once I joined the DU Hilltoppers, (my club team I swam with through high school) I realized that I had a good chance of becoming a division one athlete. My club coach, Shawn, really helped me to become the athlete I am today! I couldn't have swum this well in college without him.

Did you grow up swimming with your older sister, Jaime? What is your favorite childhood memory with her, sport or non-sport related?

Yes, I did grow up swimming with her! She was a great role model. We were always battling things out and always tried to beat each other! Thankfully she was a breaststroker so we didn't race too often! But when we did, it was always the best thing! I think the best memory I have with Jamie would be at summer club swim meets when nothing else mattered but having FUN! We would play in the sun, running around playing games and still make it to our racing just in time to go a best time by like ten seconds! The wonders of being a little kid and having endless amounts of energy! Our favorite pool to swim at was an outdoor pool in Craig, Colorado. I am pretty sure we might still have some pool records there! But there was one time when it was just the two of us at the meet from our team and we decided to do a two-person relay! So I did backstroke, she dove in for breaststroke and I got out, switched my cap and then dove in for fly, she switched her cap and then dove in for free! It was awesome because we beat all the boys in our heat and the officials didn't even notice! My dad was an official at the time, so he was in on it, too, so eventually we had to tell the other officials that we only had two people on our relay! Haha, just the good old times when swimming was nothing but fun! I do really miss swimming with her!

Your pick: Breckenridge, Vail or Aspen:

BRECKENRIDGE!! Love that place. I grew up skiing and snowboarding there. I would go pretty much every weekend when I was in high school! It was pretty much my second home!

What have you enjoyed most during your time in Laramie?

That is a hard question to answer because I have loved every single minute of it!!!! I think the thing I have enjoyed most is being a part of this swim team! These girls and boys are my family! I would do anything for them and I know they would do anything for me!! I have enjoyed adding to my family every year, and having the feeling knowing that when I graduate from the team our friendships will last forever! If I had to go through picking colleges again I would pick Wyoming every time! I'll be a Cowgirl for life! I have the bucking horse on my side for that very reason!