MWC Announces Swimming & Diving All-Conference Team and Postseason Awards

Feb. 24, 2003


The Mountain West Conference Swimming & Diving All-Conference team was announced today. On the men's side, BYU led the way with 13 first-team All-MWC honorees, followed by UNLV (7), Wyoming (7), Air Force (3) and Utah (2). Colorado State and BYU topped the women's list with nine first-team selections each, followed by UNLV (6), Utah (5), New Mexico (3), Air Force (2) and San Diego State (1).

Below is a list of al first- and second-team All-MWC selections with events participated in at the 2003 Mountain West Conference Championships in Oklahoma City, Okla. BYU captured the men's and women's MWC Championship for the fourth straight year.


Men's Senior Recognition Award:Damian Storz, Wyoming (Woodlands, Calif.)
Women's Senior Recognition Award:Jody Riskowski, Wyoming (Kearney, Neb.)

Men's Diver of the Year:Aaron Russell, BYU (Provo, Utah)
Women's Diver of the Year:Becca Barras, New Mexico (Kitchener, Ontario); Tracey Berghian, New Mexico (Phoenix, Ariz.); Kelli Einfeldt, BYU (Salt Lake City, Utah)

Men's Swimmer of the Year:Jonathan Hugo, UNLV (Calremint, South Africa)
Women's Swimmer of the Year:Raluca Udroiu, UNLV (Bucharest, Romania)

Men's Diving Coach of the Year:Keith Russell, BYU
Women's Diving Coach of the Year:Jeff DiNicola, New Mexico

Men's Swimming Coach of the Year:Tim Powers, BYU
Women's Swimming Coach of the Year:Stan Crump, BYU


Paul Brehm, Air Force (100 backstroke, 200 backstroke)
John Dayton, Air Force (100 breaststroke)
Brady Lindberg, Air Force (platform)
Justin Beardall, BYU (1-meter, 3-meter, platform)
Randy Belliston, BYU (200 IM, 400 IM, 200 breaststroke)
William Betz, BYU 200 (freestyle)
Christopher Johnson, BYU (100 backstroke, 200 backstroke)
John Malfatt, BYU (200 IM)
Jeffrey Mason, BYU (100 freestyle, 200 freestyle)
Travis Price, BYU (500 freestyle, 200 freestyle, 1650 freestyle)
Scott Randall, BYU (1-meter, 3-meter)
Aaron Russell, BYU (1-meter, 3-meter, platform)
Diogo Yabe, BYU (200 IM, 100 butterfly, 200 butterfly)
Patrick Adams, UNLV (100 breaststroke, 200 breaststroke)
Joe Bartoch, UNLV (50 freestyle, 100 freestyle, 100 butterfly)
Michael Day, UNLV (100 butterfly, 200 butterfly)
Jonathan Hugo, UNLV (50 freestyle, 100 freestyle, 100 backstroke)
Adam Martinson, UNLV (200 backstroke)
Corey Kilpatrick, Utah (500 freestyle, 1650 freestyle)
Jonathan Larsen, Utah (50 freestyle)
Jerram Chudleigh, Wyoming (500 freestyle, 200 butterfly)
Damian Storz, Wyoming (400 IM, 1650 freestyle)
Scott Usher, Wyoming (100 breaststroke, 200 breaststroke)
Jake Weidert, Wyoming (400 IM)

BYU 200 freestyle relay (Michael Mullen, Brent Parker, William Betz, Jeffrey Mason)
BYU 400 freestyle relay (Jeffrey Mason, Michael Mullen, Brent Parker, William Betz)
BYU 800 freestyle relay (Jeffrey Mason, Diogo Yabe, Randy Belliston, William Betz)
BYU 200 medley relay (Christopher Johnson, Adam Ware, Diogo Yabe, Brent Parker)
BYU 400 medley relay (Christopher Johnson,Randy Belliston, Diogo Yabe, Jeffrey Mason)
UNLV 200 freestyle relay (Jonathan Hugo, Joe Bartoch, Andrew Kapchinske, Bjorn Eriksson)
UNLV 400 freestyle relay (Jonathan Hugo, Joe Bartoch, Andrew Kapchinske, Bjorn Eriksson)
UNLV 200 medley relay (Jonathan Hugo, Patrick Adams, Michael Day, Bjorn Eriksson)
UNLV 400 medley relay (Jonathan Hugo, Patrick Adams, Michael Day, Joe Bartoch)
Wyoming 800 freestyle relay (Jerram Chudleigh, Gene Birks, Ted Dibble, Grant Kritzinger)


Nick Burton, Air Force (200 breaststroke)
Ryan Fitzgerald, Air Force (1650 freestyle)
Charles Lebeau, Air Force (100 backstroke)
Brady Lindberg, Air Force (1-meter, 3-meter)
Eric Pounds, Air Force (200 butterfly)
Zachary Anderson, BYU (500 freestyle, 1650 freestyle)
William Betz, BYU (50 freestyle, 100 freestyle)
Nick Burton, BYU (200 IM, 400 IM)
John Malfatt, BYU (100 butterfly, 100 backstroke)
Jeffrey Mason, BYU (50 freestyle)
Scott Randall, BYU (platform)
Adam Ware, BYU (200 breaststroke)
Bjorn Eriksson, UNLV (100 breaststroke)
Evan Castro, Utah (100 breaststroke)
David Fleisch, Utah (200 IM)
Jonathan Larsen, Utah (100 freestyle)
Matan Ratz, Utah (200 freestyle)
Cody Rempfer, Utah (200 butterfly)
Gene Birks, Wyoming (100 butterfly)
Jerram Chudleigh, Wyoming (200 backstroke)
Ted Dibble, Wyoming (200 freestyle)
Galen Gough, Wyoming (400 IM)
Ethan Maclean, Wyoming (200 backstroke)
Adam Miller, Wyoming (1-meter, 3-meter, platform)
Jake Weidert, Wyoming (500 freestyle)

Air Force 800 freestyle relay (Nate Amidon, Rory Peterson, Kevin Heath, Casey Bowen)
Utah 200 freestyle relay (Jonathan Larsen, David Johnson, Evan Castro, Cody Rempfer)
Utah 400 freestyle relay (David Johnson, Jonathan Larsen, Tanner Folster, David Fleisch)
Utah 200 medley relay (David Fleisch, Evan Castro, Cody Rempfer, Jonathan Larsen)
Wyoming 400 medley relay (Ethan Maclean, Scott Usher, Jerram Chudleigh, Grant Kritzinger)


Sara Crowell, Air Force (100 butterfly)
Jessica Williams, Air Force (platform)
Cortnee Adams, BYU (50 freestyle, 100 freestyle, 200 freestyle)
Nichole Burrows, BYU (100 backstroke)
Tamber Covington, BYU (100 breaststroke, 200 breaststroke)
Kelli Einfeldt, BYU (1-meter, 3-meter)
Elizabeth Jones, Colorado State (100 freestyle)
Corinne Hofstetter, Colorado State (200 butterfly)
Kristin Knudson, Colorado State (50 freestyle)
Katie Peck, Colorado State (200 IM, 400 IM)
Jamie Robinson, Colorado State (200 breaststroke)
Kristen Schneider, Colorado State (200 IM, 100 backstroke, 200 backstroke)
Becca Barras, New Mexico (1-meter, 3-meter, platform)
Tracey Berghian, New Mexico (1-meter, 3-meter, platform)
Robyn Miller, New Mexico (400 IM)
Erin Kilpatrick, San Diego State (200 butterfly)
Jessie Bradshaw, UNLV (50 freestyle, 100 butterfly)
Shayna Burns, UNLV (100 breaststroke, 200 breaststroke)
Tamee Ebert, UNLV (1650 freestyle)
Alyson Noble, UNLV (500 freestyle, 1650 freestyle)
Raluca Udroiu, UNLV (200 IM, 100 backstroke, 200 backstroke)
Julie Unrau, UNLV (100 butterfly)
Tessa Greegor, Utah (100 breaststroke)
Kristen Kaiser, Utah (500 freestyle, 400 IM, 200 butterfly)
Marta Stepanczuk, Utah (1650 freestyle)
Neringa Statkeviciute, Utah (100 freestyle, 200 freestyle)
Loren Sweny, Utah (500 freestyle, 200 freestyle, 200 backstroke)

BYU 200 freestyle relay (Nichole Burrows, Jamie Lambert, Shannon Bloom, Cortnee Adams)
BYU 400 freestyle relay (Nichole Burrows, Shannon Bloom, Kathryn Rappleye, Cortnee Adams)
BYU 800 freestyle relay (Cortnee Adams, Shannon Bloom, Amanda Grant, Monica Ferrell)
Colorado State 200 freestyle relay (Kristen Knudson, Elizabeth Jones, Katie Peck, Paula Langner)
Colorado State 400 freestyle relay (Kristen Schneider, Elizabeth Jones, Katie Peck, Kristin Knudson)
Colorado State 200 medley relay (Kristen Schneider, Lyndsey McCaslin, Rachelle Kula, Kristin Knudson)
Colorado State 400 medley relay (Kristen Schneider, Lyndsey McCaslin, Rachelle Kula, Kristin Knudson)
UNLV 200 medley relay (Raluca Udroiu, Shayna Burns, Julie Unrau, Jessie Bradshaw)
UNLV 400 medley relay (Raluca Udroiu, Shayna Burns, Julie Unrau, Jessie Bradshaw)
Utah 800 freestyle relay (Neringa Statkeviciute, Kristen Kaiser, Marta Stepanczuk, Loren Sweny)


Carly Baxter, Air Force (50 freestyle, 100 freestyle)
Michelle Hager, Air Force (1-meter, 3-meter)
Katherine Hulse, Air Force (platform)
Sarah Thilo, Air Force (500 freestyle, 1650 freestyle)
Julienne White, Air Force (1650 freestyle)
Jaymie Van Kooten, Air Force (100 butterfly)
Shannon Bloom, BYU (100 freestyle, 200 freestyle)
Nichole Burrows, BYU (50 freestyle, 200 backstroke)
Tamber Covington, BYU (200 IM)
Kelli Einfeldt, BYU (platform)
Monica Ferrell, BYU (200 freestyle, 200 butterfly)
Amanda Grant, BYU (200 IM, 100 breaststroke, 200 breaststroke)
Melanie Grant, BYU (200 breaststroke)
Jamie Lambert, BYU (100 breaststroke)
Aubrey Low, BYU (1-meter, platform)
Amy McClellan, BYU (100 backstroke, 200 backstroke)
Julie Nelson, BYU (400 IM)
Kathryne Rappleye, BYU (100 backstroke)
Rachelle Routsong, BYU (3-meter)
Natasha Schlup, BYU (100 backstroke, 200 backstroke)
Nikki Xanthos, BYU (100 breaststroke)
Sarah Bultema, Colorado State (100 butterfly)
Melissa Fischer, Colorado State (400 IM)
Dylon Groenwold, Colorado State (100 backstroke)
Corinne Hofstetter, Colorado State (500 freestyle, 1650 freestyle)
Elizabeth Jones, Colorado State (50 freestyle, 200 freestyle)
Kristin Knudson, Colorado State (100 freestyle)
Rachelle Kula, Colorado State (100 butterfly)
Lyndsey McCaslin, Colorado State (100 breaststroke)
Lori Vigil, Colorado State (1-meter, 3-meter)
Aimee Dunavant, New Mexico (100 butterfly, 200 butterfly)
Robyn Miller, New Mexico (500 freestyle)
Heather Morsilli, New Mexico (400 IM)
Whitney Thomson, New Mexico (100 backstroke)
Myra Will, New Mexico (50 freestyle)
Nicole Castelyn, San Diego State (400 IM)
Jill Karacozoff, San Diego State (200 breaststroke)
Erin Kilpatrick, San Diego State (400 IM)
Megan Storey, San Diego State (1650 freestyle)
Melissa Webb, San Diego State (200 backstroke)
Jessie Bradshaw, UNLV (100 freestyle)
Shayna Burns, UNLV (200 IM)
Tamee Ebert, UNLV (500 freestyle, 200 freestyle)
Nichole McLean, UNLV (1-meter, 3-meter, platform)
Madalina Tin, UNLV (100 freestyle)
Julie Unrau, UNLV (200 IM, 200 butterfly)
Alison Zick, UNLV (500 freestyle, 1650 freestyle)
Meghan Demchuk, Utah (200 IM, 100 butterfly, 200 butterfly)
Tessa Greegor, Utah (200 breaststroke)
Ariane Kich, Utah (100 breaststroke, 200 breaststroke)
Neringa Statkeviciute, Utah (50 freestyle)
Lydia Kimball, Wyoming (3-meter)
Janelyn Lilly, Wyoming (200 backstroke)
Ashley Mallett, Wyoming (200 butterfly)
Ashlie Niederer, Wyoming (1-meter, platform)
Allison Schmid, Wyoming (200 freestyle)

Colorado State 800 freestyle relay (Kristen Schneider, Katie Peck, Corinne Hofstetter, Rachelle Kula)
UNLV 200 freestyle relay (Jessie Bradshaw, Madalina Tin, Raluca Udroiu, Alyson Noble)
UNLV 400 freestyle relay (Jessie Bradshaw, Alyson Noble, Madalina Tin, Tamee Ebert)
Utah 200 medley relay (Leah Jensen, Tessa Greegor, Meghan Demchuk, Amy Barsfield)
Utah 400 medley relay (Melissa Young, Tessa Greegor, Meghan Demchuk, Neringa Statkeviciute)