Student-Athlete of the Week

March 18, 2013

Athlete of the Week

Adam Kalms

After earning the opportunity to compete at NCAAs for the first time, what are your goals and expectations for the event?

I don't really have any expectations for the meet. I just want to go out and see if I can get some best times, and maybe get into a final.

Do you have a preference between the freestyle and the individual medley races, or do you enjoy both equally?

I definitely prefer swimming freestyle, but the IM is always a fun race to mix it up with.

Still young, you've done very well at the two MPSF Championships you have competed in as a Cowboy. How would you assess the competition at MPSFs compared to what you faced growing up in Australia?

The level of competition in the MPSF is much higher than back home, but that's what comes with college swimming! I think swimming here in general is just such a different thing. The meets are so different to back home and with the level of excitement that runs through the meet, as well as the team pride and team expectations at the meet creates an atmosphere for much fiercer competition.

How are Coach Johnson and his staff helping you improve your swimming ability?

Coach TJ, Coach Manny and Coach Matt are always around to help with technique and timing and anything you need them for! They are great to have around on pool deck and we wouldn't swim as fast without all three of them.

What are your thoughts just before a race is about to begin?

Nothing. When you start thinking about a race is when you start to psych yourself out. You just have go and do it.

What do you miss most about home in Marmong Point, New South Wales, Australia?

The thing I miss most is the beach and the weather. I miss it not really getting below 50 degrees in the winter, and being able to spend all day at the beach with my friends.

What are your career intentions after you earn a degree in energy resource management and development?

I'm not 100 percent sure about what I am going to do yet, but it will most likely be something to do with the coal industry that runs next to my hometown. I still have a few years to figure it out, though.

When did you first start swimming, and when did you discover you could go far in the sport?

I first started swimming when I was two years old because we had a pool and were so close to the beach. It's a necessity to learn to swim young when you live in Australia. I think I started to realize I could go far in the sport when I was around 11 years old and was competing against people my age from other countries, then when I got a bit older I started breaking some school and state records and then I had a good idea I could do well.

Did you teach your younger sister, Gabbie, to swim? What is your favorite childhood memory with her, sport or non-sport related?

I didn't teach her how to swim, but I still give her some pointers from time to time. I think my favorite memory with her is playing water polo in our backyard pool for hours on end during the summer.

What have you enjoyed during your time in Laramie thus far?

Meeting the best people in the world. Everyone here is so nice and happy all the time, especially all of my teammates. I love being so close to the outdoors and being able to go to some of the most beautiful places and go cliff jumping, camping or mountain biking.