Athlete of the Week Archive

Jan. 9, 2009


Amanda Aimone

What is hanging up on the walls in your room?
"On the walls of my room there are a lot of posters of athletes like Michael Phelps, pictures of family, and a lot of random fun things like old license plates."

What is one thing you would tell someone about Kemmerer, Wyo.?
"That it is the home for the first JC Penny! Most people don't know that when I tell them."

What is your favorite holiday, and why?
"My favorite holiday would have to be the 4th of July because it is during the summer when I get to see my family. I love all of the fireworks and getting to run around in shorts and flip flops. A bonus is that there is no school during that time either."

What is your favorite event to watch other than the one that you compete in, and why?
"Well, I have two. Probably the hurdles and the pole vault because it just amazes me how anyone can go that fast over the hurdles and go that high just using a pole."

If you had one super-power what would it be and why?
"To fly, most definitely! I would want to fly because then I would never have to walk to class again."

Do you have any pre-meet rituals? Or is there anything that you do or think about before you step into the ring?
"I don't have any pre-meet rituals but I do have to wipe my feet off on a damp towel right before I step into the ring."

What is one thing you would add to the event of throwing if you could?
"I would have to add that the hammer would be changed to a ball full of paint and every competitor would have to stand out in the sector and the one throwing would have to try and aim for the people out there. It would get really messy and really fun when the paint would explode all over."

Have you ever practiced throwing at your house or at the grocery store with a sack of potatoes, just for fun?
"Actually I have never tried that but I'm sure that would be really fun. I just might have to do that now."

When you really get spinning does it ever make you dizzy?
"The only time that I have every gotten dizzy with turns is when we have to practice them over and over again without letting it go. You get pretty dizzy after the twelfth set."

If you could be in any band whose would it be and what would you play?
"Oh man, I'm terrible with that kind of stuff, but if I could be in a band I would want to play with Nickelback and I would play the drums!"

What was the last concert you attended?
"The last one I attended was at Cheyenne Frontier Days and I was like eight so I don't remember who it was."

What is your favorite and worst exercise in the weight-room?
"My favorite exercise in the weight room would have to be hang clean and my worst exercise has to be squats. I dread them every time but they do really help with throwing."

If you had to pick one person to represent Wyoming Track and Field on American Idol, who would it be?
"I would have to say Jake Shanklin he seems like he would be crazy enough to try it and it would really be amusing to me to see him up there belting his heart out."