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April 26, 2007


Qwest Wyoming Home

Adriana Friezen

Talk a little bit about how you got to Wyoming?
"I got to Wyoming this past semester from Montana State. I'd been up there for two and half years, but it just wasn't working out the way I had hoped and so here I am."

Did you participate in any other sports growing up, or was track your main focus?
"Yeah I did other activities. I was a member of the cross country team, and I did gymnastics and I was also on the dance team. So, I did a few other things."

Do you have specific preparations that you have to do before a race?
"They always make fun of me because I have these certain socks that I have to wear and they are so hideous. They're white with neon hearts on them and if I don't wear those, I will freak out. It's a bad day if I don't have my socks on. I've had them since the seventh grade and every track meet that I've ever been in; I've worn those socks. They have no holes and they're still intact and perfect."

Are the hurdling events your favorite to run?
"Oh yeah. I like the hundreds because it's certain steps and you don't have to worry about switching up the legs, but I think that by the time I'm done running track, the four-hundred hurdles is going to be more my event than hundreds."

What are some of your expectations for the remainder of the season?
"For me, it was more important to get our 4x400-meter relay team qualified for the regional meet than it was for me to qualify individually, and we were able to do that last weekend. I think that some of our goals for the remainder of the season would be to perform well at the regional meet next month. I think that I've moved down in the four-hundred hurdles, I know that the girl who is leading the event is only a second faster than me. I'm not one of those people who live in their dreams and just know that they're going to make it to nationals, because it's extremely hard to make it that far. I think that our four-by-four, if we can stick with TCU who is ranked in the top ten right now, then we have a pretty solid shot at it."

Did you expect to come into UW and make the impact that you have in such a short amount of time?
"No, I don't really think so. I'm behind Shauna [Smith] in most of the events, both indoor and outdoor, but the thing is, is that I'm fairly close to her in the events that she wasn't the strongest in, like the sixty-meter hurdles and the one-hundred-meter hurdles, which weren't her primary events. I still have to take six seconds off my time in the four-hundred hurdles to be even remotely close to her, but it's pretty cool. I don't know. The training style that coach Yentes has just seems to fit me better than my training before I arrived."

Do you think that you might try to run track after you are done with school?
"That's two years away and I haven't really thought about it that much. My philosophy is that there is life after track. Track isn't my whole life and I'm here to get my education and I am here to fulfill something for the rest of my life and track is just a part of that. So, if it doesn't work out after college, I'm not going to be down in the dumps about it. I mean, how many people actually get that opportunity, so I'm not going to be heart broken about it. And, two years is a long time away."

Is there a professional sprinter or hurdler that you try to follow or watch?
"No. My dad always calls me and tells me what everybody ran and I really just don't worry about it too much. I guess if I were to be at that level someday then that's cool, but I'm not going to sit there and keep tabs on what everybody is doing, or follow it religiously. I don't have time."

What is your major?
"Elementary Education."

If you could have dinner with one person, dead or alive, who would it be?
"I would have to say Orlando Bloom. He's a stud muffin and I am a `Lord of the Rings' fanatic. They are my favorite movies, so if I had to pick one person, it would have to be him."

What is your favorite type of music, or your favorite band?
"Mostly country. I kind of like to listen to everything, but my SIRIUS radio is set to Blue Collar Comedy and country hits."

What do you like to do during your free time?
"Well, I have two dogs, so I like to go for walks with them and hang out with them. Usually, if I'm not doing homework or track, I like to hang out and chill. My life is so busy on a day-to-day basis that any free time I get I spend sleeping, or relaxing."