Athlete of the Week Archive

May 1, 2008


Brett Schuler

As a steeple chase runner, are you ever afraid of falling into the steeple pit?
"I think every runner that runs the steeple has a little fear of falling in the water. Usually all the fans are gathered around that part of the race hoping that someone will slip up and fall face first into the water. No one wants to be the next YouTube video. Therefore, a lot of concentration goes into that part of the race especially on the last couple laps when the legs are tired."

What would be your variation on the steeple chase? i.e. another water jump, wall climb, rope swing?
"If I could put a variation on the steeple I would add alligators to the water jump. This would make it a little more interesting, and probably make it more exciting for the fans."

When you run errands do you run from store to store?
"I do not run from store to store when running errands, because I am a firm believer in being pretty lazy when I am not practicing or racing."

With the long hair this indoor season were you trying to bring back the 70's look, or did you just want to mix it up a little?
"Although the 70's look is good and I do have clothing to go with it, sometimes a person just needs there long golden locks just flowing in the wind and plus the ladies love the curls...ha ha. Alright, actually I only like to receive a haircut twice a year. Also in the winter when it is freezing and the wind is blowing 40 miles per hour, which is pretty regular in Wyoming, it acts as an extra hat keeping the head and ears nice and warm."

What is one thing someone should know about your hometown of Wright, Wyoming?
"It is a nice small town."

Which is your favorite season, indoor or outdoor?
"My favorite season would be outdoor track. This is because it has my race, the steeple, and it is nice to run outdoors when the weather is nice. Indoor track in the distance running isn't very exciting cause you usually have to run twice and many laps for the same distance, which mentally takes its toll."

If you could choose one song to play over the loud speaker before you start your event what would it be?
"I would probably pick some girly song just because I think it would be funny and probably throw the other competitors off."

Do you have any pre-race rituals?
"The pre-race rituals build every year, so over the years I have accumulated many rituals. It seems that every time I have a good race. The next race I will try to mimic everything that I did when I ran well."

What is one other event you wish you could compete in and why?
"Ever since I was a little kid watching track meets, I always wanted to pole vault. So if I could compete in one other event it would be the pole vault."

What is your favorite event to watch?
"I don't really have a favorite event to watch. What makes any event fun to watch in having teammates battle it out the last 20 meters for first place. Even when I am not running my adrenaline is at a high. However, if I really had to pick and event it would probably be the mile. Watching people break the four minute mile barrier is a huge accomplishment."

What is on your plate when you are carbo-loading?
"Lots and lots of pasta, also bread is another essential, but I think that is a given when eating pasta."

How do you keep your competitive edge when you compete all-year long, during cross country, indoor track and outdoor track?
"I think what keeps me on my competitive edge all year round is taking breaks between the seasons. This little break of not competing is enough to get the body recovered and excited for the next competition. Also every season I run a different mileage race, so that alone helps."

Sometimes during a race competitors fight for position, Have you ever intentionally shoved someone in a race or has it ever happened to you?
"I have never intentionally shoved anyone to gain position, however, sometimes when there is a huge pack of runners I will push the person in front of me just to get that person moving a little faster. Also in a huge pack I think it is just a natural event to do a little pushing and shoving, so it is a given that is has happened to me. You just have to hold your own in those types of races."